Mac Jones reflects on learning from Tom Brady ahead of iconic return

Mac Jones is the starting quarterback of the New England Patriots for this season. There is a lot of pressure on his shoulders, not only because he’ll play as the starting quarterback for the first time, but also because he is going to play in the position that previously belonged to Tom Brady, the NFL legend. 

However, Mac Jones is considering Brady as an inspiration. He recently talked about the seven-time Super Bowl champion and the respect he has for him.

Jones acknowledges Brady’s influence and mentorship

During an interview when Mac Jones was asked about Tom Brady, he shared that he respects him a lot. “Yeah, I mean, he’s definitely a legend, and I have all the respect for him.”

The quarterback shared that he has learned a lot from the former NFL player.

“He’s a great guy and he’s actually helped me a lot already, just talking to him or whatever, he’s been a great mentor and stuff.” 

Jones emphasized his admiration for Tom Brady’s playing style and mentioned that he learns from watching his game footage.

“He’s a great player, love watching his film. He pops up on game tape, obviously, from last year and everything too. So he’s always on the film doing the right thing, so just I’m trying to learn from him, and he’s been awesome.”

Tom Brady

He also said that hearing stories about Brady from his former teammates also helps him to get to know him more. 

“I think whether it was [Brian] Hoyer that was here, or whoever, you meet a lot of people that have known him and everything — the stories, too. So that always helps, just being able to learn from that,” Jones said. “And he’s always on the film, so just watching the footwork, the timing, his operation of everything, he’s definitely the greatest to do it. And that’s why you want to watch him and learn.”

Undoubtedly, Tom Brady is an NFL legend who cemented his name in the league with seven coveted Super Bowl titles. The respect other players have for him is a testament to his success and humble personality. 

Tom Brady making a return in iconic Gillette Stadium

Tom Brady will make a return in Gillette Stadium on Sunday during the game between the New England Patriots and the Eagles. While fans wanted the seven-time Super Bowl champion to return as a player, he will come as a fan.

The 46-year-old is set to be honored at halftime during the game by the Patriots. This marks his first return to Gillette Stadium as a fan since leaving the Patriots.

Tom Brady

The NFL legend talked about his iconic return and expressed excitement about this return and reflected on the connections he made during his two-decade career with the Patriots.

“To go back to that stadium and bring my kids and my family in a different way, I’m excited to get there, I haven’t been back much, just by the way things happen your life takes you in different directions,” Brady said.

He emphasized that it would be a very different experience for him to go there as a fan.

“I went there as a player, I went there once as a competitor and now I’m going to go there as a fan. I don’t think it’s going to be hard to be a fan though, I love the sport, I love the Patriots so going back up there to see a lot of my friends and family is going to be really a great experience.”

Fans can look forward to the iconic return of Tom Brady in Gillette Stadium. Although he’ll not play, the anticipation to see him again in the stadium where he has played for decades is high. It will be exciting for Mac Jones as well, as his mentor will be there to watch his first game as the starting quarterback. 

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