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Caleb Hunter Plant is undoubtedly one of the best boxers in the world. Born and brought up in the small town of Ashland City, Tennessee, Plant was always going to become a boxer. From being a shy, young boy to becoming one of the most disciplined boxers on the planet, ‘Sweet Hands’ has surely come a long way. 

As an adolescent, Plant had to survive through multiple hardships like poverty, criminality, and substance abuse. However, the American was working hard to make ends meet for his family. At one point, Caleb Plant’s family struggled to acquire basic living amenities like air conditioning and heating. 

Currently, Caleb is one of the most successful boxers on the planet. He owes his success to the people that believed in him. As such, let us take a closer look at Caleb Plant’s Family, and how they have inspired him to become the man he is today. 

What Do We Know About Caleb Plant’s Father?

Caleb Plant training with his father, Richie Plant.

Caleb’s father, Richie Plant, and Beth Plant did their utmost to provide for their three children. In fact, Richie Plant’s shoddy gym would serve to be the place Caleb learned his trade. Despite having minimal facilities, Caleb toiled day and night in this gym with his father, making him the fighter he is today. 

The Tragic Story of Caleb Plant’s Mother 

Beginning from his childhood, Caleb’s mother was unable to help too much in her son’s life. As it turns out, Beth Plant suffered from substance dependency and soon after developed serious mental health issues. At one point in Caleb’s childhood, he would have to deal drugs in order to feed his mother’s addiction. 

Caleb Plant with his late mother, Beth Plant.

Unfortunately, Beth Plant’s mental health issues reached a boiling point in 2015. As she was being taken to the Emergency Medical Services via ambulance, she became aggressive towards the medical staff. Soon after, police arrived on the scene and due to some misunderstandings, shot Beth Plant. Subsequently, she was taken to Nashville hospital where she was declared dead, aged 51. 

This is a tragedy that has stayed with Caleb for quite some time. However, the boxer and his family have done well to move past this loss and often visit Beth’s grave on her birthday and on Mother’s Day. 

Who is Caleb Plant’s Wife Jordan Plant?

Caleb Plant with his wife, Jordan Plant.

Currently, Caleb is married to his long-time love interest Jordan Plant (previously Hardy). The couple met in 2016 and then proceeded to share their vows and tie the knot in 2019 in Los Angeles, C.A. after Plant’s IBF world title win against Jose Uzcategui. Interestingly, Jordan Plant is formerly an athlete, social media influencer, and Fox Sports broadcaster. 

Although the couple has been together and married for some time, they do not have any children as of yet. 

Caleb Plant Ex-Girlfriend

Prior to his relationship and marriage to Jordan Plant, Caleb was in another long-time relationship. Previously, Caleb was in a relationship with his childhood love-interest Carman Jean Briscoe-Lee. The pair were reportedly together since childhood and even had a child when Caleb was 20 and his partner was 19. 

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as planned as Plant’s newborn faced numerous health complications. Although the pair worked day and hard for their newly-born, she passed away aged just 19 months. Soon after, relations between Plant and Carman began to deteriorate, leading to their eventual break-up. 

Caleb Plant Kids 


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As mentioned above, Caleb Plant has no children with his current partner Jordan Plant. However, he was the father of a late daughter by the name of Alia Plant. Unfortunately, it soon became apparent that the newborn had suffered brain damage and a loss of motor skills. Whilst the newborn fought valiantly, it was only a matter of time before she passed. 

This was another shocking and tragic loss in Caleb’s life. After his IBF world title win against Jose Uzcategui, Plant visited and placed his belt on his late daughter’s grave. 

Caleb Plant Siblings


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According to our knowledge, Caleb Plant has two other sisters. The American has an elder sister Hannah Plant and a younger sister Madeline Plant. Unfortunately, not much information is available about Plant’s sisters or their professions. However, judging by Caleb’s socials he is especially close to his little sister Madeline as she appears on his feed from time to time. 

Although it may not seem ideal, Caleb Plant’s Family has truly done well for themselves and found success in life. They have dealt through countless adversity and hardships and come out of them victorious. 

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