Mike Tyson weighs in on potential bout between Francis Ngannou-Tyson Fury

As a veteran of the sport, Mike Tyson has seen many legendary fights go down. In fact, he has been a part of many timeless classics himself. With a potential fight between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou at stake, opinions are all over the place but Mike still wants to give some chance to the former UFC champion.

Francis was not happy with his contract at the UFC. Even for his last fight against Gane, he got paid less compared to some champions in other weight classes. The Cameroonian was looking at his boxing peers who were making way more money compared to him.

Tyson took notice of the insane knockout power possessed by the ‘Predator’ and wanted to put himself to the test. Francis was present in ‘The Gypsy king’s cage side during one of his bouts and many expected a contract to be signed then and there. But UFC contracts did not allow Francis to sign such deals so the fight was put on hiatus indefinitely.

Following Ngannou’s release from the UFC, a Francis vs Tyson match with Mike Tyson as the referee has been proposed. So far all relevant parties seem to agree on the fight. As far as the ‘Predator’s chances go, Mike is not willing to rule him out as he said in an answer to a recent question, “Yeah, you never know.”

When will the Tyson vs Ngannou fight happen?

The former heavyweight recently discussed a potential timeline for the fight, “I’ve talked to somebody, some of [ Tyson Fury’s] advisors, but they’re working on a fight with [Oleksandr] Usyk in April. So, until then, he will not be free. But I’m trying to see if we can have an agreement before that fight. That will also give me some time to get prepared for a boxing fight.”

Who will you support if the fight goes down?


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