Watch: Bills’ safety Damar Hamlin receives huge ovation after return to Pitt

The Buffalo Bills’ safety Damar Hamlin is being appreciated and welcomed everywhere after recovering from a near-death cardiac arrest suffered during the Bills vs. Bengals game on January 2.

It took an extensive, thorough treatment and medical procedure to restore the Bills’ safety to their natural state. After being released from the hospital, the professional occasionally appeared at different games in the NFL, including the Super Bowl with commissioner Roger Goodell.

Apart from the football games, Damar also visited his college in Pittsburgh to witness Pitt’s basketball game on Tuesday night.

How was Damar Hamlin’s visit to the University of Pittsburgh?

The 24-year-old athlete joined the Pittsburgh Panthers as a four-star cornerback recruits in 2016. In the second year, he transitioned into the safety role and gained popularity among college athletes. He completed his bachelor’s degree in communication in 2020 before joining the Navy.

Coming back to his alma mater, Hamlin received a warm welcome from his fans. The Panthers’ fans cheered him while giving him a standing ovation.

The trauma and peril Hamlin and his family went through were indescribable in words. It was the fans’ prayers and sincere support that helped him get better every day. His family thanked the fans for their unconditional support during this troubling time.

Even the young safety is still haunted by the scary experience he had at that moment of the game. Damar previously stated that he is still recovering from the mental trauma caused by the cardiac arrest.

A local journalist and Panthers fan, George Michalowski, shared a clip on Twitter, writing, “#Pitt welcomes back Damar Hamlin.”

As of now, the safety is not yet fully fit for the playing requirements next season, though the NFLPA medical director was determined to see the professional back on the field next season.

What’s your opinion on Damar Hamlin’s return to the pitch? Should he be patient and take time to be fully fit? Leave your opinions with us in the comment section.


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