“MLB Doesn’t Give a Damn” New York Mets Right-Hander Chris Bassitt Slams MLB after 3 Batters Drilled

New York Mets right-hander Chris Bassitt says that the MLB does not care about the lack of grips on baseballs after five batters get hit during the Mets vs Cardinals match.

The St. Louis Cardinals entertained the New York Mets on Tuesday night, with the Mets running out comfortable 3-0 winners. usually in sporting events, the scoreline is what people talk about, that wasn’t the case on Tuesday night. After 5 batters got hit with baseballs, with three of them being on the Mets team, inevitably the safety of the players became a topic of concern for everyone. Speaking after the game, Chris Bassitt shed some light on the matter,”

“The MLB has a very big problem with the baseballs — they are bad. Everyone knows it. Every pitcher in the league knows it. MLB doesn’t give a damn about it. They don’t care. We have told them our problems with them, they don’t care.”

Bassitt also added that there is too much inconsistency in the balls that are being used in games. The problem only gets worse depending on the climate in which they are playing- “There is no common ground with the balls,” he said. “There is nothing the same, outing to outing.

New York Mets batters have been hit a total of 18 times in the MLB this season. This is the highest in the division. Mets batter Pete Alonso has been hit twice above the neck this season, with one of those hits coming on Tuesday night.

The MLB use to allow the use of sticky substances by pitchers, but this has been outlawed since last year. MLB feared that they detracted from the offense. But Mets catcher James McCann suggests that there is a middle ground that can be reached in order to solve this problem which puts a lot of the players at risk.


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