Panther’s LB Damien Wilson arrested over threatening to kill ex-girlfriend with iron tire

The career of Carolina Panthers linebacker Damien Wilson is left in jeopardy after his ex-girlfriend charged him with assault, accusing him of abuse and death threats against her. Wilson has been arrested in Frisco, Texas after attempting to kill his girlfriend using a tire iron.

Ryan Sokolosky- Wilson’s ex-girlfriend- accused Wilson of being unfaithful, and said that this was the eventual cause of them breaking up. Wilson, unable to deal with the emotions of the separation, showed up at his ex-girlfriend’s house, unbeknownst to her. Apparently, he severely damaged her patio, and then emerged from the bushes holding a tire iron, uttering threats that he would kill her. 

Ryan also claimed that Damien Wilson then choked her friend, and damaged a laptop. Wilson was “enraged and drunk” when he showed up at his ex’s house. He almost ran over his ex but decided to drive off instead.

Infamously following the footsteps of Shi Smith, Wilson has become the second panther to be arrested. Formerly, Smith was found guilty of possessing illegal substances and speeding.

Wilson had signed for the Panthers just last month in a 2-year contract worth $6.9m. He has played a total of 17 games and with a career-high score in a variety of fields. Wilson’s lawyer has stated that there is no evidence to the claims that have been made, and they are looking forward to cleaning the charges of assault. If evidence is indeed found, Wilson can bid farewell to his NFL career.


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