Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs’ NFL Draft pick credits family for success after finding new home with Super Bowl champions: “we kept our head up and smiled through the pain”

Oklahoma Sooners football team star Wanya Morris has found his landing spot after the Kansas City Chiefs picked him in the third round overall, 92nd overall, in the 2023 NFL draft.

After the Chiefs picked him in the draft, Wanya spoke up about his feelings and express his gratitude for being able to get the chance to play for the reigning champion team.

What did Wanya Morris say after being picked in the NFL Draft?

The 22-year-old has given an exclusive interview with Sky Sports, where he was asked about his childhood and his family’s contribution to the journey he is having.

You will have seen teammates in the past go through this process, how are you finding it now you’re here?

“It hasn’t hit me yet really, it did a little bit at the Combine when I’m like ‘damn I’m at the Combine’, we dream about moments like this and I’m just sat looking up, taking everything in. That was probably the most surreal moment, but really it’s just another day another dollar, we ain’t nowhere yet.”

NFL Draft


Take us back to your childhood, what was life like growing up in Grayson, Georgia?

“Adversity was around every corner, but we were always a family who kept our head up and smiled through the pain, persevered and just kept moving because we knew stuff would happen. I had to grow up, other children get to do certain things you don’t because you have responsibilities now. It was always changing, but we’re still here.”

NFL Draft

Do you think your background contributes to why reaching the NFL means so much?

“Definitely, it’s one of the games I’ve played to escape reality. When I’m between those lines nothing can stop me and I’m just out there having fun, it would be great to put in a situation to take care of my mum. All she’s sacrificed, I want to give her the world if I can.”

Family is essential in the lives of athletes as without their support it would not be possible for them to participate in a sport like Football and then to reach such heights. With that being said, what did you make of Wanya Morris and his family-engaged statements? You can share your opinion with us in the comments. 

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