President Biden invites Super Bowl 57 MVP Patrick Mahomes to White House for “leading the team to victory”

President Biden seems to be a huge fan of sports. Earlier this year, the president had the last year’s NBA champions, the Golden State worries, in the White House for a formal meeting. Today, the Kansas City Chiefs won their second Super Bowl in the last four years, and Joe Biden did not hesitate to call the champion team.

Although many sources claim that the American president was an Eagles supporter, he wants Patrick Mahomes and his Chiefs to gather in the White House to celebrate their victory with the American president. 

Even though the president supports the Eagles, he understood that the Chiefs are the deserving champions as they won with critical conditions. Even in his tweet, President Biden mentions the fact while calling the Kansas City team at the White House.

What did President Biden write in his tweet?

The tweet of the American president suggests that he understands the game of football very well, and he does not forget to mention the heroic efforts of the star quarterback of the Chiefs- Patrick Mahomes. In his tweet, Joe Biden wrote, 

“Congrats to the Kansas City Chiefs on their Super Bowl win and to MVP @PatrickMahomes on leading the team to victory. Through injury and obstacles, you showed grit and true resilience.”

“Looking forward to having you at the White House.”

The tweet of the president is indeed praiseworthy. Being an Eagles fan, it might have been difficult for the president. However, seeing the effort Patrick put on the field despite being injured, the president did not hesitate to call the Chiefs for a celebration in the White House. 

On the other hand, many presidents, including Donald Trump and Barack Obama, also called out Super Bowl winners in the White House for a “formal get-together” and celebrations. 

What are your thoughts on the American president calling the Super Bowl winner to the White House? You can share your opinion in the comments.


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