Kylian Mbappe strongly urges Neymar to “stay strong and united” after Brazilian PSG superstar’s dressing room altercation

Kylian Mbappe has urged his PSG teammate Neymar to stay strong and united following the Brazilian’s burst up after the Ligue 1 champion’s 3-1 defeat to Monaco.

PSG continued to struggle in the domestic competition after the Christophe Galtier side failed to pick up any point against their close rival Monaco which made Neymar angry.

According to internal sources, Neymar was furious at Portuguese Vitinha and youngster Ekiteke after the duo continuously lost the ball in the build-up and played in a very ordinary manner.

PSG captain Marquinhos was also angry at Carlos Soler during the heated moment and slammed the Spaniard in the dressing room after the loss.

However, Kylian Mbappe came up in support of his teammates as the most anticipated clash with Bayern Munich is on the card on February 14 and the Frenchman posted on Instagram with the caption “stay strong and united”.

PSG boss also defended his star performer as the French manager believed Neymar alongside the likes of Lionel Messi and Mbappe is vital to their quest for the UEFA Champions League.

“In these matches, the great players have to stand out like Ney tonight who was very good. Neymar has worked a lot for the team. He came out, in my opinion, a little flushed and a little angry but that’s normal. He has impeccable behavior.”- Galtier said.

PSG has a prolonged dream of being the European champion after failing on numerous occasions to clinch the title and a meeting with Bayern Munich won’t be so easy matchup to overcome.

The French club didn’t manage to win in their last two games as Marseille and Monaco silenced them and the injury to Mbappe and doubt over Lionel Messi’s fitness certainly left a mark on their hope.

A dressing room drift between the teammates is the worst possible outcome for Christophe Galtier, but he will be hoping to emulate the bad performance into quality ones that will lift the spirit of the team.


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