Rich Eisen suggests Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes aims to emulate NFL legend Tom Brady’s remarkable achievements

Becoming the next NFL GOAT by beating the legendary quarterback Tom Brady’s record isn’t a piece of cake, however, the Kansas City Chiefs’ signal-caller Patrick Mahomes doesn’t seem to be losing hope and is even ready to remain underpaid to strengthen his legacy by hook or crook.

Every superstar player usually tries to live up to or surpass their predecessors and Mahomes probably has Tom’s name in his list to emulate, however, the two-time MVP has caused a stir in the NFL world when he put the Tampa Bay Buccaneers legend in the top place of the greatest quarterbacks of all times.

Rich Eisen believes Patrick Mahomes is eyeing to emulate Tom Brady!

The renowned sports commentator Rich Eisen sparked many conversations among football fans by throwing a thought-provoking statement where he speculated that the Chiefs’ premier quarterback Patrick Mahomes is setting his sights on emulating the phenomenal career achievements of the football prodigy Brady.

Eisen believes only the 27-year-old holds the chance of catching up with the seven-time Super Bowl champion’s level of performance, hence, the Chiefs QB might be on a quest to surpass the 45-year-old quarterback.

“Right now, as we’re sitting here, there’s only one guy who could be even in the area code of the galaxy to catch Tom Brady with seven Super Bowls by the end of his career and it’s Patrick Mahomes. All I’m saying is this is the only guy who can have that shot,” he said.

Eisen says Mahomes doesn’t mind being underpaid like Brady

The Chiefs QBs 10-year, $450 million extension in 2020 has already been surpassed several times since the period as other QBs including Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Jalen Hurts and Lamar Jackson have passed him in average pay, however, the NFL analyst reminded everyone that TB12 was never the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL despite arguably being the best in the league.

The former New England Patriots veteran provided his team with the flexibility to match his financial gain, allowing the franchise to build a legendary team around him and surround him with the weapons he needed on the field. Rich lauded Pat for bearing the same habit,

“We’re already talking about taking less. Right? How many times did Brady supposedly give a discount to the Patriots this is the sort of stuff I think about when I hear him say this, it sounds just like Brady, he’s got Brady’s in his sights, potentially and he’s also understanding the way Brady won them all is he didn’t leave. He left some on the table and he left some for other people.”

Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes is already considered a formidable force at this young age with multiple titles and accolades including two rings and two league MVP titles throughout his first five seasons as a full-time starter. With his current level of commitment to building a legacy, we may see Brady’s records broken sooner than many think.


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