Ryan Garcia offers bet to KSI which involves Jake Paul, Gervonta Davis

Ryan Garcia has made bold predictions about a possible fight between KSI and Jake Paul. Although he chose the younger Paul sibling over the British rapper the interaction quickly devolved into an online battle between the two warriors. This also includes Jake Paul and his rival, Gervonta Davis.

KSI recently fought in his latest boxing match against FaZe Temperrr this past weekend, where he KO’d his opponent in the first round. JJ mentioned battling Jake Paul in the post-match presentation, which was one of the most anticipated fights to date. Aside from their personal conflict, both warriors are on the same career path, making them the perfect rivals. Although Garcia quickly caught on to the trend and made his daring pick for the battle, which sparked an internet debate between him and KSI.

In his first Twitter post on the matter, The Flash claimed, “Jake Paul knocks out KSI. He does, for sure. You’ve seen the difference in experience. KSI is strong but just throws haymakers.” Afterwards, the British boxer responded with, “Tank is going to knock you out. Facts.”


To make the argument stronger, the 24-year-old replied to the tweet with, “Down to bet that you’d get flatlined by Jake and I’ll beat Tank. Whatever you want to put up. Sadly you’ll never fight him.” Then the British influencer ended the debate by concluding: “The problem is, your fight with Gervonta Davis isn’t likely to even happen in the first place. Lmao.”

Regardless of that fact, the lightweight fighter had a brief history with Gervonta Davis. As they were, they were considered by many to be the two most popular and high-profile figures in their division. The fight between them is also scheduled to take place in April. The bout, however, has been called into question as promoter Oscar De La Hoya revealed they have yet to receive a contract.



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