Shaquille O’Neal on his father’s response after grandfather died from cocaine use

For more than a decade, Shaquille O’Neal hasn’t participated in an NBA game. The TNT program “Inside the NBA” has kept the 15-time all-star in the public eye. Every week, Diesel blesses our TV screens alongside Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson, and Kenny Smith. He is still influential today thanks to his amicable banter with Chuck and insightful basketball analysis.

Shaquille O’Neal, one of the greatest men ever to set foot on the NBA court, had a fascinating career filled with court-breaking performances. However, his childhood was nowhere near as vibrant as his NBA career. His youth was full of horrors and physical abuse caused by his step-father, Phillip Harrison.

Dr. Shaq enunciates that his stepfather prevented him from having an addiction. He claims that the loss of a friend to drug abuse was the reason for this. Diesel adds, “One tragic story is Grandpa passed away from using cocaine. My father came into the house furiously. If you ever do this, I’ll kill you. You ain’t gonna have time to overdose. I’ll kill you. So, I always say you know what, no drugs for me.”


O’Neal claims that this tragic story guided him to reach his current position. Similarly, he discusses another traumatic story that occurred in Germany. His buddies had a few beers and decided to drive, which resulted in an accident and the loss of their lives. The legend explicates that these two incidents inspired him to stay on track and helped him make it to the grand stage of the NBA.

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