“Ship has sailed”: Dana White admits Ex-Heavyweight champion will “never be in the UFC again” amid rumoured comeback

Francis Ngannou has had a rough few years with the UFC. And now it seems, the doors have closed for the UFC champion for good. UFC boss Dana White has dismissed any possibility of his return to the promotion.

Ngannou was undoubtedly a force to reckon with. His fearsome punching power and immaculate grappling made him a fierce competitor. No wonder, White tried to do all he could to retain him in the UFC.

However, White has run out of patience. He has had enough of the Cameroonian-French heavyweight. Dana brought up the fact that they worked with him for two years. And he intended to keep Ngannou going. Francis, on the other hand, did not want the fight that was proposed.

Why has Dana White given up on Francis Ngannou?

Regarding the negotiations, White labeled Ngannou as “impossible to deal with.” He mentioned that Hunter Campbell has had “at least 75” dinners with Ngannou. All the negotiations went in vain as he kept asking for more money.

Dana claimed that they offered copious amounts of money. They tried to treat the fighter with respect. However, Ngannou did not reciprocate their efforts. Which is why fans will never see him again in the UFC octagon. The UFC head honcho claimed that the ship had sailed.

Dana White
Dana White revealed that UFC doors are closed for Francis Ngannou

Ngannou burgeoned into the scene with his mammoth figure. He kept smashing his opponents to the top. Snatching the title from Stipe Miocic on UFC 260, it seemed like Ngannou had only himself to surpass. There is hardly any debate about whether he was influential in this division or not.

Amidst the speculations of Jon Jones making a return, and that too to for the heavyweight championship, Ngannou was the obvious target. Ngannou even went on to defend his title against Cyril Gane, one of the most skillful fighters in the division. Things started to go south from that point onwards.

Ngannou was visibly dissatisfied with UFC’s treatment. He tried to ask for a new deal. Two sides kept throwing shades at each other. Things eventually ended in a bitter split, vacating the title. Jones, who was speculated to be the contender, eventually did return and got his hands on the title in the very first fight.

That UFC 285 fight must have sparked a lot of thoughts for Ngannou. However, he was adamant about his position regarding UFC. And the UFC, for now, is on the same page as they have given up on any efforts further down the line. Ngannou has hinted at trying his hand at the boxing ring.

Do you think Ngannou can excel in the boxing arena?


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