Boxing fans react to KSI’s black eye suffered during sparing session ahead showdown against Joe Fournier

KSI, apparently, has a black eye now. While he addressed the issue, it still has sparked concerns as he is set to take on Joe Fourier in a boxing bout.

He has started taking preparations for the fight, as expected. However, in his training video with his coach Alexis Demetriades, he was spotted with a black eye. KSI took on esteemed boxers like Idris Virgo in his sparring session. Virgo is still undefeated in his professional career. The session may be quite fruitful for KSI.

However, the black eye may not. Understating the issue, he addressed the injury in his video. The YouTube sensation said that this happened in a sparring session. He claimed the injury to be innocuous and explained that he sustained that injury from a clash of heads. Which is why he’s not too concerned about it.

How did KSI get the black eye?

Addressing the concerns, he mentioned that he is on the right track KSI claimed that his practice camp was going well. However, he is moving at a rapid speed this year. Citing this reason, he claimed that injuries can just appear on the way.

KSI made it clear that this is just a minor bump on the road. So it is not going to affect his fight in any way. The seventh misfit fight will go ahead as planned. However, KSI will probably have to overcome the hardest of obstacles in his life. Fournier might be the one to push him to his limits.

Having said that, KSI will look beyond this fight as well. As he always does, he must have had a future plan in his head. And that plan may include Tommy Fury. The Fury brother had the last laugh against Jake Paul, in a raging bout. Interestingly, Jake Paul’s brother Logan Paul is the business partner for KSI in the prime energy drink business.

Despite that, KSI is not a big fan of Jake Paul. The younger Paul had a rematch clause in his contract with Fury. However, he has decided to fight Nate Diaz which makes Fury free for now. As per reports, KSI may utilize this opportunity and call Fury out for a fight.

KSI will take on Fournier on May 13, at OVO Wembley Arena. The boxer boasts a record of 5-0-1 and will look to stretch his winning streak.

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