Stephen A. Smith sends heart-warming message to Deion Sanders amid troubling news: “love you bro”

Throughout his NFL and MLB journey, Colorado coach Deion Sanders has undergone many ups and downs like other star players, however, recently the football coach met another struggling chapter which drew the sympathy of his friend, analyst Stephen A. Smith.

Smith and Sanders have a close tie as they love to introduce themselves as brothers and friends, hence seeing the friend suffering greatly from physical issues gathered immense support and love from Smiths’ inner heart as a support in one of his worst periods of life.

Stephen A. Smith shares supportive message for Deion Sanders

The  Pro Football Hall Of Famer suffered a turf toe injury during the 1998 season in Dallas during his career with the Falcons that he shared on Dan Patrick shows in 2018.

“It’s the closest thing they call to ‘turf toe.’ It was just horrendous,” Sanders told Patrick in 2018. “I mean, I’ve never felt anything like it. It was so bad it had begun to be hammertoe, so they have to shave it down and straighten it out, and that’s what I got.”

The toe injury however does not leave Sanders and recently he has been suffering a mental and physical threat for the incident that left Smith to share some heartfelt words for him. On June 24, Stephen posted a tweet regarding Deions’ toe injury as he felt the injury as the NFL analyst once also wanted a basketball career, albeit he was cut short due to injury before starting his career with a major league.

“Thinking about you and love you bro @DeionSanders,” he tweeted.

What happened to Deion Sanders?

After he had closed his player profile and started his coaching career, the 55-year-old again had to put up with a terrible toe injury which started after he was hospitalized. Moreover, Deions’ family history has a long connection with blood clots, and the Coach was also later diagnosed with three femoral arterial blood clots, starting at his calf and running the whole length of his leg resulting in his left big toe and one next to it be amputated.

This toe injury hurt the coach so much that he had to take nearly 30 pills and had to bear regular nine surgeries, including eight within a month in September to treat an inflamed nerve and a fractured toe and also led him to miss three of JSU’s games that season against Bethune Cookman, Mississippi Valley, and Texas Southern.

Stephen A Smith on Twitter: "With my brotha @DeionSanders. Yes, I made him come in on his day off. 😀" / Twitter

Though the former NFL player assumed the case to be ended there, the injury has taken another turn and the former Jackson State coach has to undergo another surgery on Friday morning to address two blood clots in his legs following two blood clots, one in his right leg and another in his left leg have been identified.

Dr. Donald Jacobs said, if the blood circulation did not heal correctly the Colorado Coach may possibly lose his whole foot. However, the entire NFL and MLB world rallied behind the former players’ quick recovery from this horrifying injury.

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