Super Wild Card Weekend: 2023 NFL playoffs matchups analysis

The 2023 NFL playoffs will start with Super Wild Card weekend- twelve teams will compete in six matches for six slots in the “Divisional Round,” where the Eagles and the Chiefs will greet the second-round winners. 

As the “Super Wild Card Weekend” approaches, here is our prediction and match analysis for Saturday’s games-

Who will emerge as the winners of the 2023 NFL playoffs?

Starting with the first game, the Seahawks will take on the 49ers in an attempt to defeat the team from San Francisco. Although the Seahawks are a good team, you might want to cheer for the 49ers. The two teams have met twice in the preseason game, where the 49ers destroyed the Seahawks and only gave away 20 points, seven in the first and thirteen in the second. Along with the best defensive lineup, the 49ers can count on their quarterbacks, Jimmy Garoppolo, and new-found talent, Brock Purdy. 

With that being said, the Seahawks will look to avenge themselves and try to humiliate the 49ers. However, the 49ers have the upper hand in every way possible. The 49ers fans will be shocked if they go on to lose this one. 

The second match is a “tricky” one, as the Chargers will encounter the Jaguars. With their season standings, the Chargers look a better side with ten victories and seven losses compared to the Jaguars’ nine wins and eight defeats. However, in the preseason match, the Jaguars came on top as they hunted the chargers down with a 38-10 victory. Our bet is with the Jaguars, and they will once again chase the Chargers down following their five-match winning streak. For that to happen, QB Trevor Lawrence must score; following his four touchdowns against the Cowboys, Trevor has only scored a single touchdown in three games, that too against an out-off-form Titans side. 

The Chargers did not shine with their offense in the preseason matches and relied upon their defense. If they can bring their “A” game, they might win, yet our bet remains with the Jaguars.

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