Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s signed Chiefs jersey auction earns $15,000 for children’s charity

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, the Royal Couple of America, are once again proving why they are widely appreciated and loved. A few days ago, the couple donated $200,000 to the victims of the Super Bowl parade shooting.

Recently, Taylor and Travis contributed to another charity for disabled children, which will make a huge difference in young lives.

Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce signed jersey auction at $15,000

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce signed a jersey of the Chiefs for the Guelph Wish Fund, which then auctioned that jersey to raise money for charity. 

The Guelph Wish Fund is an Ontario, Canada-based nonprofit organization that raises money for children under the age of 19 who are grappling with significant illness.

They used the Taylor and Travis’ signed jersey for the same purpose. Because of the couple’s huge popularity, the jersey was auctioned at $15,000 and all that money was used for ill children. 

The auction closed on Sunday with twenty-five bids and earner a lucrative amount of $21,000 CAD which equals around $15,574 USD. It also came with a certificate of authenticity. An Oakville, Ont native procured this jersey. 

The organization claimed that they will use this money for the ill children. The blooming relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce was one of the highlights of the 2023 NFL season and the couple is using this popularity for all the right purposes. 

Travis Kelce on private plane to reunite with Taylor Swift 

The 2023 NFL season has finally ended and the Kansas City Chiefs secured the coveted title of Super Bowl champions once again. Now that Travis Kelce is free from his NFL duties he has decided to spend more time with Taylor Swift. 

Taylor who made sure never to miss crucial games of the TE is currently in Australia and continuing her Eras Tour. Now, it’s Travis Kelce’s turn to support her girlfriend in her music endeavors.

TMZ reported that Travis Kelce was headed to Australia in a private plane. It was reported that Travis Kelce went from Los Angeles to Hawaii overnight and then continued on his journey very early towards Melbourne. 

Taylor Swift
Via Daily Mail

He must be in Australia by now and reunited with his pop-star girlfriend doing record-breaking concerts for Aussies.

It is not clear whether the TE will join Taylor for her shows in Singapore, but for now, fans can look forward to watching him cheering for his girlfriend in Australia.

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