Patriots OC’s comments on Mac Jones raise more questions than providing answers about their QB situation

Mac Jones has faced several problems and criticism ever since he took the position of Tom Brady as the starting QB for the New England Patriots. However, this year the QB situation of the team is uncertain, with very few chances of Jones continuing with the Patriots.

The Patriots’ OC, Alex Van Pelt, talked about the team’s quarterback situation, particularly concerning Mac Jones but his comments have sparked more questions than provided clear answers.

Pats OC addresses Mac Jones future

The OC of the New England Patriots, Alex Van Pelt, talked about the quarterback situation of the team on Wednesday and clearly stated that they will look into each of their options at quarterback this offseason. 

These options might include or might not include Mac Jones. While the OC didn’t deny the idea of continuing with Mac Jones for the next season, his comments also didn’t sound like they were assured of taking this step.

“Really right now, everything is on the table,” Van Pelt said when he was asked about Mac Jones being the team’s starting QB in the 2024 season.

“As we go through this process, we really this last couple weeks, 10 days, have just been diving into who we are, trying to evaluate our guys. A lot of people in this situation, on staffs that have been here, they’re doing free agency. Well, we’re doing our guys as they are free agents. We’re trying to understand who we have here, as well as looking at other players out there.”

Mac Jones

The OC emphasized that the team will look into this situation carefully to make the right decision, as their future is dependent on it.

“But right now, everything is on the table and we’re just still working through that process. When then time comes, I’m sure it’ll be a collaborative effort and we’ll make the right decisions.”

Van Pelt’s comments clearly showed that despite having the worst season record, the team has still not figured out what they want to do in the future to improve. As indicated by the OC’s comments, they might also consider quarterbacks who will be in free agency including Kirk Cousins and Mason Rudolph.

How has Mac Jones fared this season?

Mac Jones was drafted by the Patriots in the first round of the 2021 draft after an outstanding college career. He had a promising start to his NFL career, making a Pro Bowl appearance in his rookie season.

Despite his initial success, Jones faced challenges during the season. He struggled with inconsistent performances, leading to his being in and out of the starting lineup. 

Mac Jones
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The Patriots underwent significant changes in the coaching staff during the offseason, parting ways with longtime head coach Bill Belichick and hiring Jerod Mayo. This transition adds uncertainty to Jones’s future with the team.

If the Patriots decide to part ways with Jones, he is likely to receive another opportunity with a different franchise. The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the potential landing spots for him.

For now, nothing is confirmed yet; stay tuned for more updates about Mac Jones’ future in the NFL.

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