“That’s awesome” 49ers’ QB Brock Purdy reacts to LeBron James’ incredible compliment on his stellar performance vs Seahawks

23-year-old Brock Purdy got a rare compliment from an NBA legend after his influential performance against the Seattle Seahawks in the first wild card game on Saturday.

In his first playoff game, the rookie quarterback featured several historical moments and delivered a fantastic performance, passing for 332 yards and three touchdowns. After experiencing this, LA Lakers superstar Lebron James appreciated the youngster.

What did Brock Purdy say in response to Lebron James’ praise?

In the postgame press conference, the reporter informed Purdy about the four-time NBA champions’ reaction in his tweet. The rookie became overwhelmed at such rare and incredible appreciation from such a great personality.

“LeBron said that?” Purdy said this with his trademark sweet lady-killer smile. “Oh, that’s sweet. That’s awesome. That’s so cool,” he says, finding it hard to find the right words to express his gratitude.

What did LeBron James say to Brock Purdy?

After having a massive contribution in the San Francisco 49ers’ win to qualify for the Divisional Round, Brock got a huge compliment from Lebron. “PURDY GOT GAME!!!!!!!!!” he tweeted. Surly, the king approves!

The 18-time NBA all-star has a strong interest in other popular sports. He regularly follows NFL games just like any other dedicated football fan. The king is also known for acknowledging great performances from time to time.

Brock is having his dream rookie season for the 49ers. He has already scored 13 touchdowns and averaged 8.1 yards per pass attempt for 1374 yards with an impressive 67.1% completion rate.

As we often say, ‘class recognizes class,’ and James’ appreciation of Purdy’s game surely reflects such a phenomenon.

The 49ers surely can hope to participate in the Super Bowl next month by leaning on Brock Purdy’s game. The quarterback will be more motivated now that LeBron James has given his blessing.

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