“Timeout”: When furious Shannon Sharpe dropped out due to Skip Bayless’ tweet on live “Undisputed” episode

In the world of sports, clashes, and disagreements between co-hosts are common. But a recent conflict between the two hosts of the popular show Undisputed left everyone shocked. Because a mere disagreement led Shannon Sharpe to leave the show altogether. 

In this article, we delve deeper into all the details about why Share is leaving the show and the reason for the dispute between him and Skip Bayless. 

Shannon Sharpe has recently announced his departure from ‘Undisputed’

Shannon Sharpe


One of the great hosts on Fox Sports Skip and Undisputed, Shannon Sharpe has recently made a big decision. He shared that he is leaving the popular sports talk show, Undisputed. 

During the June 13 episode, he took the opportunity to express his appreciation for the entire FS1 team and shared heartfelt sentiments about his time working alongside Skip Bayless.

Former Broncos TE completely lost it following Bayless’ refusal

Shannon Sharpe

The discord between Sharpe and Bayless had been brewing for some time, particularly after an on-air clash over Damar Hamlin’s injury. However, it was Skip Bayless’ controversial tweet about Hamlin’s injury that pushed Sharpe to his breaking point. 

After this tweet, Sharpe didn’t appear on the show the next day which they co-host. It led many fans to wonder why he suddenly didn’t appear. 

The next day, he came to the Undisputed desk. In a passionate monologue, he expressed his disagreement with Bayless’s tweet and hoped Bayless would reconsider his words. He stated, “Skip tweeted something and although I disagree with the tweet, and hopefully, Skip will take it down…”

However, standing firm in his stance interrupted and declared he said, “Time out — I’m not going to take it down because I stand by what I tweeted.” This exchange ignited a brief back-and-forth between the two before Sharpe redirected the conversation to the show’s moderator, signaling his desire to move forward with the episode. 

While it’s very saddening for the fans to say goodbye to one of the best hosts, he will always be remembered for his engaging debates and how he stood up for his stance. Fans can’t wait to see what new path Sharpe will pursue and will fully support him in the next chapter of his illustrious career. 

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