Travis Kelce receives blessing from Taylor Swift’s father for engagement amid NFL commissioner’s praise

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have become the “apple of the eye” of the NFL. Everyone inside the NFL absolutely adores this couple.

Kelce and Swift’s romance has drawn a lot of attention to the NFL. And now the commissioner of the NFL has recently added his thoughts regarding the matter.

Christmas engagement on the horizon for Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

Everyone is very curious about when Kelce and Taylor will take their relationship to the next level. Unlike her previous partners, everyone thinks Travis Kelce is perfect for Taylor.

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Both Kelce and Swift are in good terms with their parents and share special bonds. Taylor’s dad, Scott Swift, has his utmost support for this couple. Recently, he was seen enjoying a steak dinner in Argentina with Travis Kelce and later enjoying the concert together . Kelce also adores Scott a lot and has a sweet friendly relation, which clearly a yes from Scott for the couple.

Even both of their moms are super proud and supportive of them. Travis’ big brother Jason kelce and sister in law Kylie Kelce also welcomed the couple to the family.

Taylor and Brittany
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Kelce’s bestie Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany Mahomes also partied all night with Taylor along with other Chiefs WAGs, which means Kelce’s close friend circle has totally accepted Taylor.

Every people around Kelce and Swift has their full support, love and blessing for the couple. Especially Taylor’s dad Scott Swift. Reportedly, Kelce might propose to Taylor before Christmas and Kelce has an absolute yes from Taylor’s das.

Kelce-Swift romance delights NFL commissioner

Roger Goodell, the commissioner of NFL his recently exchanged his sweet thoughts for this celebrity couple. He’s very happy and grateful by the fact that more audience were draw to football because of this couple.

Roger Goodell
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“It has connected more fans of Taylor’s and more fans of the NFL. And, in some ways, to see that they have a connection, now they have a connection to our game and to Taylor.”

He further added that both them absolutely talented and he’s pleased by the amount of attention they draw towards NFL.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce
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“She’s an unbelievable artist. Obviously, Travis is an unbelievable player. I think it’s great for the league to have that kind of attention, so we welcome it.”

Ever since Kelce and Taylor got official there has been a large amount of people on the stadium. Especially in the VIP lounge. Hollywood stars like Blake Lively, Sofia Turner, Hue Jackman etc.

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