Taylor Swift’s parents skip Chiefs vs Eagles game after heartfelt Travis Kelce apology

Chiefs TE Travis Kelce and his girlfriend pop icon Taylor Swift seems to be in a never-ending love puzzle. Netizens think Kelce could be “the one” for Swift as the couple get approval from their families.

Kelce and Swift have been very bold about their relationship so far. The couple have seemingly taken it even further as their parents stepped up the relation.

Taylor Swift’s parents opt out of game meet up with Kelce family.

Jason Kelce defeated his younger brother Travis Kelce as the Chiefs lost their Super Bowl rematch on Monday. It was not the only reunion the world saw that day, apparently Swift and Kelce had a hidden plan to meet their parents up with each other during the game.

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Taylor Swift is in her Ears Tour right now and she was supposed to join Kelce on Monday. Taylor has been present in almost every game of the Chiefs to cheer her beau up. But due to an unexpected incident Taylor couldn’t make it in time. Swift had to reschedule her Brazil tour date.

It was not only Taylor who wanted to come, but also her parents were supposed meet the Kelce family. Taylor’s parents Andrea Swift and Scott Swift, and Kelce’s parents Donna Kelce and Ed Kelce, were set to be meeting for the first time. Both of them have a very close relation with their parents and it looks like their parents also support them. Just few days ago Kelce’s mom joined Taylor’s Eras Tour Movie Premier.

Travis Kelce issues apology to Swift’s dad

Travis Kelce enjoyed his vacation with Taylor Swift in Argentina pretty well. Even Taylor’s dad accompanied them in a luxurious steak dinner. Later in various video clips Kelce was seen enjoying the concert with Taylor’s dad.

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During a podcast with his brother Jason Kelce, Travis revealed that he really enjoyed spending time with Scott Swift. But a certain incident made him uncomfortable.

Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce

Taylor sang her song “karma” to Khelce, changing the lyrics. But Kelce was caught off guard and didn’t know what was happening. When Scott tried to high five Travis, he just simply left him hanging!

But later he didn’t miss the opportunity to ask apology saying, “Mr. Swift, I apologize big guy. Aw man, I missed that. I never miss a high-five, too. Big high-five guy!”

Kelce also joked about convincing Scott to come to the Chiefs side, as he’s a big Eagles fan. Undoubtedly it looks like they share a very special bond.

The Kansas Chiefs lost to the Eagles by 21-17 on Monday at the Arrowhead Stadium, even though they were in a very good shape and form in the season.

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