Two years after big money Canelo Alvarez fight, Caleb Plant’s wife acknowledges husband’s first love in heartfelt message

Caleb Plant is a fighter with great determination. Despite facing challenges in both his personal life and boxing career, he remains steadfast and doesn’t lose hope. It has been two years since his loss to Canelo Alvarez, and he continues to strive for a rematch.

Many fans have recognized his passion and dedication to the sport. Even his wife acknowledges and accepts that boxing will forever be his first love, and that will never change.

Jordan Plant pens down message addressing Caleb’s love for boxing

Jordan Plant recently shared a touching message about her husband Caleb’s deep love for boxing. She marked the two-year anniversary of his memorable fight against the legendary Canelo Alvarez with words that expressed her genuine admiration and pride.

“Two years ago today, my husband dared to be great and gave his all for a sport that is his first true love,” Jordan tweeted. This message shows how dedicated Caleb is to the sport of boxing. It’s not just about winning for him; it’s about challenging himself and giving his best in the ring.

Jordan emphasized that Caleb’s passion for boxing is real and not motivated by a desire for popularity or attention. He’s not afraid of failing, and this brave attitude is what makes him special. When Caleb faced Canelo Alvarez in the ring two years ago, it demonstrated his determination and courage, regardless of the outcome. Jordan’s message reminds us of the true spirit of a fighter who’s committed to the sport he loves. Caleb’s journey in boxing is an inspiring story of resilience and unwavering determination.

Caleb Plant still hopes for Alvarez rematch

Caleb Plant, still holds onto his dream of getting a second chance against the Mexican boxing superstar, Canelo Alvarez. Even though it’s been two years since their first fight, where Plant lost, he’s not giving up on the idea of a rematch.

In their first match, Canelo showed his skills and won against Caleb Plant. But what stands out is Caleb’s determination and spirit. He’s not discouraged by the loss; instead, he’s eager to get back in the ring with Canelo.

Caleb Plant’s desire for a rematch shows what it means to be a true fighter. He’s not running away from a challenge, even if it’s going up against one of the best boxers in the world. Fans are excited about the possibility of a second bout between them, and if it happens, it’s bound to be a thrilling showdown that boxing enthusiasts everywhere will be looking forward to.

Caleb Plant’s determination to earn another shot at Canelo Alvarez underscores his passion for the sport and his relentless pursuit of greatness. Despite the challenging odds, he refuses to give up, and his fans remain hopeful for another thrilling chapter in the Caleb vs. Canelo rivalry.

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