UFC legend Michael Bisping condemns Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz bout: “He’s not a boxer, he’s almost 40 years old”

Jake Paul finally has a match to look forward to. Despite rumors of his triggering the rematch clause with Tommy Fury, Jake has opted to take on Nate Diaz instead. On that account, former UFC middleweight Michael Bisping is not too happy.

Jake was looking to return to the ring. After his loss to Tommy Fury, he was speculated to take Fury on again. The grudge bout affected him in many ways. Jake kept talking about the fight, which led most to believe that he would activate his clause in the contract. Debunking all those, he opted to take on Nate Diaz instead. “Stockton’s finest” will step inside the boxing ring for the first time.

Micheal Bisping is not happy about the pattern of Jake Paul

This pattern is what irks Bisping. Bisping feels Jake picks fighters following his own criteria. Bisping argued that Nate is an “almost 40 non-boxer.” Boxing or even the hand game was not the strongest point of Nate throughout his career. He is a brilliant grappler. Nate knows how to submit people. However, that will not play into his benefits when Nate steps inside the boxing ring, Bisping believes.

Having said that, The former showstopper believes this will be a fun fight. Nate may not be known for his boxing prowess. But he is incredibly hard to knock out. Nate can overcome adversities by dint of his resilience. Bisping mentioned that this will make life hard for Jake.

Even though Bisping is not a fan of Jake’s pattern, he acknowledged that Jake packs more size than Nate. The former UFC middleweight champion was not too keen on taking a dig at Jake. However, he could not refrain himself from pointing the pattern out. Bisping feels Jake will have some advantage for his size.

On the other hand, Nate will not let size dictate terms. Nate is significantly tall. Which is why the UFC legend said he would not dare calling him small. It’s just that he has fought as a lightweight for the most part of his career.

Dissecting the strong and weak points of Nate, Bisping acknowledged that this might turn out to be a good fight.

These two have exchanged words for almost two years. One could argue that this was bound to happen. Very few imagined this to be a rebound fight for Jake though. These two will face each other on August 5, in Dallas, Texas.

Who do you think will win the fight? Can Nate make his mark in the boxing ring with a win against Jake Paul?



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