UFC star Alex Volkanovski’s message to Jamal Murray and Aaron Gordon after Nikola Jokic leads Nuggets to win NBA championship

Numerous figures from the world of combat sports have applauded the Denver Nuggets for winning their first NBA championship today. Jamal Murray and Aaron Gordon received praise from Alexander Volkanovski on Twitter for their outstanding triumph. 

With a 94-89 victory over the Miami Heat, the Denver Nuggets won the NBA championship for the first time.  It took Nuggets, headed by two-time NBA MVP Nikola Joki, 47 years to ultimately achieve the pinnacle of success. 

Alex Volkanovski congratulates Jamal Murray and Aaron Gordon

Volkanovski, who is a big fan of basketball, instantly congratulated Nuggets stars on Twitter. The featherweight champion mentioned Aaron Gordon and Jamal Murray specifically on his Tweet. 

“Nuggets takes the championship. Shoutout to my guys Jamal and AG. Congratulations champs, well deserved.” Volkanovski said. 

The Nuggets have participated in the NBA playoffs on several occasions, and in 1978, 1985, 2009, 2020 and this year they made it to the Western Conference Finals. The only ABA Finals game the Denver Nuggets have ever participated in during their lengthy basketball history was in the 1975–1976 season.

Other UFC fighters react to Nuggets winning NBA Championship

Not just ‘The Great’, many other MMA fighters also took to Twitter to express their feelings regarding the NBA Championship finals

Aljamain Sterling, the current bantamweight champion of UFC, also congratulated Nuggets for this historical triumph. The Funk Master, however, was rooting for Miami Heat. 

“Congrats to the Nuggets. Making history for their franchise. I’m a bit salty because I was pulling for the Heat, to feel like the Knicks could’ve almost won.” Sterling tweeted.

Game 4 of the heated basketball match at Miami’s FTX Arena had Conor McGregor, a former two-division UFC champion, as a guest to promote a painkilling spray. The Irishman stirred some trouble by knocking out the Heat mascot.

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