UFC star Kamaru Usman claims to be back and “Beat somebody up again” after heartbreaking loss vs Leon Edwards

Kamaru Usman, a mixed martial artist of American and Nigerian descent, has proven to be a dominant force in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) despite experiencing both successes and setbacks in his career.

His recent loss to Leon Edwards at UFC 278 was a particularly difficult blow, as he was unable to reclaim the welterweight title he had lost to Edwards.

Usman recently discussed his position in the UFC welterweight division during an interview with legendary boxer Mike Tyson on the Hotboxin podcast. The Nigerian Nightmare and his parents even teamed up with Tyson in Vegas for a UFC Fight Night card.

Kamru Usman
Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman face each other off before UFC 286

During their conversation, the two luminaries delved into a deeply reflective discussion about the valuable lessons that can be learned from failure and how it can ultimately pave the way for greater achievement.

The conversation shed light on Usman’s character and mental fortitude as he navigates the challenges of his career in the UFC.

Kamaru Usman gets candid with Mike Tyson

During their conversation, Mike Tyson shared an intriguing story about his own experience with failure. He recounted how, surprisingly, he actually ended up making more money after his first loss to Buster Douglas.

This was because bookmakers began speculating on Tyson losing future matches, increasing the monetary stakes for his fights.

Usman chimed in to share his own thoughts on the topic, particularly in light of his recent loss to Edwards. The defeat was undoubtedly a setback for Kamaru.

But he acknowledged that it could ultimately open up new opportunities and pave the way for even greater success in the future. The conversation between the two athletes highlighted the important role that failure can play in shaping one’s journey to success in the world of combat sports.

Usman said, “I feel like I’m kind of in a space where it was almost like people were more upset that I lost than I was.”

During the podcast interview, Kamaru opened up about his recent loss and how it has reignited his passion for the sport. Despite the setback, Usman shared that he is fully committed to pushing himself to new levels and improving his skills in the octagon.

He spoke about the fascinating process of training for a fight, and how it motivates him to constantly strive for improvement.

Usman’s renewed commitment to the sport and his fresh enthusiasm bode well for his future in the UFC. Fans can expect to see him continue to excel and push himself to new heights as he works towards his goals in the octagon.

The conversation between Kamaru and Tyson offered a fascinating insight into the mindset and dedication required to succeed in the highly competitive world of combat sports.

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