Why did Mike Tyson punch a flight passenger? exploring details behind the incident

Mike Tyson and his punches were a hot topic for many years during his tenure as a professional boxer and his fans miss him greatly and his powerful shows in the ring that has entertained them for years and years. However, an incident with a flight passenger again made people remember the power of his punch.

So, let’s find out more about the story that deals with an altercation between the Pro boxer and a flight passenger that created headlines.

Why did Mike Tyson punch a flight passenger?

Watch: Mike Tyson 'repeatedly punches plane passenger'

Mike made his debut as a professional boxer in 1985 and with his remarkable athletics made history as one of the greatest heavyweight boxers. From 1987 to 1990, he rocked his ring career as an undisputed heavyweight champion.

Tyson was traveling through JetBlue airliner from San Francisco to Florida on a business purpose. There was a drunken passenger behind him who was deliberately disturbing him. The former boxer requested the man many times to leave him alone and not to disturb him.

But the passenger wasn’t in the mode to listen to him and carried on his filthy business. At this, Mike loses his temper and punched the man in the face which left him bleeding. During the altercation, a fellow passenger recorded the whole incident and later uploaded the video to the internet.

However, no charges were brought against Kid Dynamite as the authority found the drunken man’s behavior to be extremely instigating and the passenger too was unwilling to file a case against Mike and this is how the matter was dismissed.

Mike Tyson is a rare piece of fighter who will leave among the hearts of his well-wishers for decades. This Baddest man on the planet has created such a dimension in his professional aspect that it will remain unbreakable for an indefinite time. His dynamism as a boxer and witty defensive moves still amazes his fans.

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