Vin Scully: cause of death, age, wife, family, house, net worth

Vin Scully passed away on Tuesday at his Los Angeles home. Over the course of 67 summers, he became known for his command of elegant language and his gift for storytelling. He worked as the Dodgers’ baseball game announcer, first in Brooklyn and then in Los Angeles. He was 94 at the time of his demise. The Los Angeles Dodgers announced his passing.

The Los Angeles Dodgers also updated their profile photo and cover photo on their Twitter account to express lamentation.

“We have lost an icon,” President and CEO of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Stan Kasten, said in a statement. “Vin Scully was one of the greatest voices in all of sports. He was a giant of a man, not only as a broadcaster, but as a humanitarian. He loved people. He loved life. He loved baseball and the Dodgers. And he loved his family. His voice will always be heard and etched in all of our minds forever. I know he was looking forward to joining the love of his life, Sandi. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family during this very difficult time. Vin will be truly missed.

Since World War II, Mr. Scully has served as the Dodgers’ iconic player for all of them. He was a broadcaster for CBS and NBC, and he was a national sports treasure. He presided over more than two dozen World Series, All-Star Games, playoffs, and Game of the Week broadcasts in baseball. He was ranked first on the “Top 50 Sportscasters of All Time” list compiled by the American Sportscasters Association in 2009.

Vin Scully cause of death 

The famous American sportscaster, Vin Scully, passed away in his home near the Hidden Hills Section in Los Angeles. Official statements regarding the death are yet to be announced. No such information was provided by the family members when they were reached.

Vin Scully family

Scully, whose first wife died in 1972 and his second wife died in January 2021, departs, leaving not only five children and 21 grandchildren, but also six great grandchildren on this planet. Of Scully’s total of six children, two were stepchildren acquired from the second wife. Scully’s eldest son died in a helicopter crash at the age of 33 in January 1994.

Vin Scully wife

Vin Scully had two wives. Joan Crawford, Vinnie’s first wife, died of a medical overdose at the age of 35. Vin and Joan spent 15 years together and had three children together. Their eldest son, Michael, worked for the ARCO Transportation Company at the time of his death. Sandra Hunt, on the other hand, died in January last year, had two of her children from an earlier time and one child with Vinnie.

Vin Scully house

It is known that Vin Scully lived in the Bronx, a borough of New York City. He breathed his last in his house near the Hidden Hills section of Los Angeles. In understanding the price of the house, we present it to your brain with information to exercise with. The neighborhood where Vin lived has a very high price rate. Our team found out, after research, that a 1.3-acre facility right next to Sully’s house was up for sale at a whooping $9.5 million back in 2020. Vin’s house area is nearly 2 acres, double that of the house mentioned.

We have managed to get this photo of his house from Pinterest.


Vin Scully net worth at the time of his death

At the time of his death, Vin Scully had a net worth of a handsome $25 million and his annual salary was $3 million. Most of his fortune came from his broadcasting career. Several media appearances and his astronomical salary and contracts support his net worth well.

Vin Scully bobblehead

Following the death of Vin Scully, the search for a Vin Scully bobblehead skyrocketed. Vin Scully had previously made headlines for incidents involving his fans and his bobblehead. One of his ardent fans sent his bobblehead to space.

Now, many of his fans are collecting Vin Scully bobbleheads from eBay and Amazon, along with other sports collectibles.

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