“Was this truly a devastating miscarriage?” Michele Tafoya harshly criticizes Lisa Guerrero’s Miscarriage allegations on MNF

Lisa Guerrero, a former Monday Night Football sideline reporter, has a new book out. She describes having a miscarriage while working at a game in 2003 in her autobiography.

Another former Sunday Night Football sideline host Michele Tafoya has harshly criticized the claim and called it an attention-seeking stunt. But would someone lie about such a sensitive issue, to begin with?

In her book, Guerrero highlighted her struggles as a sideline reporter, including criticism from members of the media and disputes with higher-ups at Monday Night Football.

According to an excerpt from the PEOPLE article, “But, as she reveals for the first time, she lost more than her job. Late in that season, at between eight and 12 weeks pregnant, Guerrero had a miscarriage while she was on-air in the middle of a game.” 

Tafoya opposed this claim with the counter that  “Trust me when I tell you that all my best friends knew about that. I don’t know why you would wait to publish a book 15 years after the fact to reveal this to your best friends. And so, I have my hesitation about, was this truly a devastating miscarriage?”

The fact that Guerrero chose not to let her best friend know about her miscarriage raised doubt in Tafoya, as she herself had multiple miscarriages and she had been very open about those.

She further accused, “I think what she’s doing is wrong and I think that her motivations are not pure. It’s a tough business and it’s what she signed up for. You either cut it or you can’t. I contend she wasn’t tough enough.”

Do you think Tafoya’s justification for Guerrero faking her miscarriage in her book is credible enough? Or do you think it’s rude to assume such things just because someone handled a situation in a different way? Share your take on this issue in the comment below.


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