Watch: Ex-NFL RB Peyton Hillis in excruciating pain after medics rescued him out of ocean accident

Peyton Hillis was released on Thursday after suffering from severe lung and kidney issues. The ex-NFL player earlier this month was admitted to the hospital after risking his life to save his children from the jaws of death.

Hillis, with his two sons, made a trip to Pensacola Beach to spend quality family time. The trip took some unexpected turns when the former New York Giant RB saw both of his kids drowning in the sea. Not thinking twice about his own condition Peyton heroically dived into the water to save the boys.

After successfully saving his children, Hillis suffered on the beach with critical lung and kidney issues. Although the beach medical team tried their best to assist the former RB, they could not provide him with the appropriate treatment. Soon a helicopter came to the rescue and took Hillis to the nearest hospital.

His condition was so critical that the helicopter did not even land properly- it randomly landed on the road. Even after being taken to the hospital, he was kept in the ICU for a long period.

Now that he was released from the hospital, the police of Pensacola Beach shared their video with TMZSports. In the video, Peyton Hillis can be seen struggling in excruciating pain after the medical crew rescued the ex-NFL star. 

What did the video show regarding Peyton Hillis?

In the police-recorded video, Payton Hillis is lying down at the beach as the medics try to treat him. People on the beach come back and forward to check on him. The medics tried their best with whatever equipment they had on the beach. Peyton, in the video, breathes heavily and appears to be in serious discomfort and excruciating pain.

The medics tried to keep regular communication with Hillis so that they might know whether he was improving or not. At the end of the video, Peyton is rolled to his side, and the medics use a towel as a cushion when Hills suddenly asks for water, but the medics refuse to give him. A woman comes by and requests the medical to give him some water, but they tell her the same thing, “we cannot give him water right now.”

After struggling for two weeks, Peyton is released and in much better condition. We hope he maintains his good condition and lives a healthy life.

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