Watch: Joe Burrow spotted with bandaged wrist ahead of Bengals vs Ravens clash

The Cincinnati Bengals are gearing up to play against the Baltimore Ravens who are leading the AFC North through Week 10. Both the Ravens and the Bengals lost their previous home games, making the upcoming matchup critical for both teams.

Amid the game’s anticipation, Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow who suffered a calf injury earlier this season, is rumored to be hiding another injury. A video has surfaced online that shows the QB might be hiding an injury to be able to play in this highly anticipated game against the Ravens. 

Bengals deleted video of Joe Burrow with bandaged wrist

Joe Burrow was spotted with a bandaged wrist, raising questions about his playing condition. A video posted by the Bengals on Instagram, showing Burrow wearing a brace on his right hand, was swiftly deleted, adding a level of mystery. 

Joe Burrow
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The team posted a random video of Burrow’s arrival in which fans spotted there was a bandage on the QB’s wrist. This led to the speculations that the signal-caller is hiding an injury but the team hasn’t placed him on the injured reserve list.

Some fans even said that it might be some fashion-related piece covering his wrist. However, the team later deleted the video confirming the rumors that Burrow is hiding an injury. 

This video raises concerns about potential limitations during the game against the Ravens. Burrow is expected to play, but there is a possibility of limitations or challenges during the game.

Joe Burrow weighs in on facing Ravens

Joe Burrow expressed the significance of the game against the Ravens, stating that both teams are aiming to win the division.

“It’s a big part of the year for both of us,” Burrow said. The quarterback emphasized that both teams are coming from a loss, and both are trying to win the division. He also added that both teams know each other, “We know them, they know us,” referring to their long-standing rivalry.

Burrow’s recent performance, despite recovering from a calf injury, showcased his capability, but critical mistakes in the last game led to a frustrating defeat.

Joe Burrow
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The Bengals will be without key players, with receiver Tee Higgins out due to a hamstring injury and starting defensive end Sam Hubbard missing the game with an ankle problem. Hubbard’s absence in the last game contributed to Cincinnati’s defensive struggles against the run.

The Ravens QB Jackson who was recently gifted a rug by his fan, and Burrow, due to injuries, have faced each other only four times, with the Ravens winning three of those meetings. Lamar Jackson’s impressive performance this season, combining high pass completion and running ability, positions him as an MVP candidate.

The Bengals’ recent struggles, coupled with the Ravens’ strong home record in night games, add further intrigue to the upcoming game between the Bengals and the Ravens.

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