What happened between Tom Brady and Terrell Suggs? exploring their beef history

Beef among players isn’t new, especially in the NFL ground which is famous for its own melodrama that leaves no stone unturned to entertain the sports-lovers. However, sometimes these rivalries cross the boundaries of the field and expand to a great extent. And such is the case between Tom Brady and Terrell Suggs who had taken the bite of their sour relationship for many years. So, let’s unveil more of the story concerning how the beef started.

What happened between Tom Brady and Terrell Suggs?

Both Tom Brady and Terrell Suggs are former professional players who had their own share of blessings in their careers. Tom Brady spent nearly 23 seasons in NFL while Suggs was active from 2003 to 2019. Suggs was a star player of the Baltimore Ravens who put an end to his career with two Super Bowl Championships in hand, seven-time Pro Bowl selections, and more.

On the other hand, Brady won seven Super Bowls; five times Super Bowl MVP to name a few of the greatest accomplishments that he achieved during his tenure.

These two had an altercation back in 2009 during regular season games between the Ravens and Patriots which is the starting point of their feud. During one game, while Tom was running for a pass, the Ravens linebacker hit his knee. Now, The Baltimore Ravens are popular for their attacking moves and it was pretty obvious that they will try their best to defend their opponent no matter what.

Tom Brady didn't send Terrell Suggs a Christmas card this year -  CBSSports.com

However, in this incident, Brady gestured to the official in charge to throw a hit flag. And when it didn’t happen, both of the players lost their cool on-field and started having hateful altercations. The game ended with a 23-20 win for the Patriots over the Ravens.

After the game, some players went home with a smile of victory on the corner of their lips while others were with the shadow of sadness. But Tom Brady and Terrell Suggs took away bitterness from the field towards each other which will reign over their hearts even after their retirement. Share your thoughts on the feud in the comment section below.

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