Ex-WBC cruiserweight champ picks Deontay Wilder vs Anthony Joshua as a preferred heavyweight clash in the proposed four-man Saudi Arabia tournament

Former cruiserweight champion Tony Bellew has expressed his witty thoughts on the possible Anthony Joshua-Deontay Wilder fight, which has the boxing realm a-buzzing.

The two heavyweights have been at odds for almost seven years, both holding world titles simultaneously. However, recent setbacks for both fighters have led them to pursue a meeting that could bring them closer to regaining their former glory.

Anthony Joshua

The Clash of the Titans: Bellew Weighs in on Anthony Joshua vs. Deontay Wilder Showdown

After Joshua’s recent victory over Jermaine Franklin, the British fighter’s next move remains uncertain. Wilder, on the other hand, is still basking in his triumph over Robert Helenius at the end of last year.

Despite the effort that must be carried out to make the fight a reality, Bellew is looking forward to a super exciting clash between the combat sport’s two behemoths. When in conversation with IFL TV, Tony quipped, “The first one who lands big wins, because both of them are brilliant finishers.”

Bellew went on to describe Wilder as “a little bit more reckless and wild,” while praising Joshua’s calculated approach and technical prowess, which he believes make him the better finisher.

As for who would emerge victorious in a fight between the two, Bellew remains uncertain but excited by the prospect. He summarized, “I have no idea what would happen, and I would pay good, good money to see it.”

If this hypothetical clash takes place, it may very well be a watershed point in both fighters’ careers as well as a memorable event for combat sports fans throughout the world.

The Heavyweight Clash That Will Define a Generation: Bellew’s Insights on Joshua and Wilder’s Showdown

To put things into perspective, as the boxing world eagerly awaits this highly anticipated bout, the insights of seasoned combat sports veterans like Tony Bellew provide fans with a glimpse into what we can expect from these two titans of the sport.

No matter who arises as victorious, a matchup of this magnitude will indeed leave an indelible mark on the annals of boxing history, forever etching Joshua and Wilder’s names among the greats of the sport.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey as these two warriors enter the ring for what promises to be a nasty but spectacular battle.

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