What happened to Aaron Rogers and his wife? exploring his love life

In the crowd of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, Aaron Rogers is a well-known name who is embracing himself to step into the hall of famers in the near future. This paladin player started to showcase his charisma in his fourth season with the Packers as a starting quarterback and since then this four-time MVP hasn’t stopped.

Rogers is a great leader who knows how to create an environment of mutual trust and bond that might lead to an unbreakable force for chasing victory. With soaring success, his life is always at the center of attention and his fans eagerly wait to discover more of his personal life.

So, it is time to have a look at Aaron Rogers’ romantic life including his previous and current relationships.

Who was Aaron Rogers’ Wife?

Aaron Rodgers With His Ex-Fiancee, Shailene Woodley

The Packers player was engaged to Shailene Woodley, an American actress. The couple met in 2020 through a mutual connection at a get-together party and soon afterward started dating. Although Rogers was linked up with many celebrities before, his romance saga with Woodley surpassed all because of their captivating chemistry.

In February 2021, they exchanged their rings and became officially engaged. However, the happy moment couldn’t last long and they ended their engagement a year later.

Why Aaron Rogers and his wife spilt up?

The actress mentioned negligence by her partner to be the main reason behind the breakup. No wonder, star-player like Aaron has to spend a good amount of time on-field away from family. And this distance created a gap in their lovey-dovey tale which later became so severe that they had to say to no their romance.

Who is Aaron Rogers dating now?

Aaron Rodger, Mallory Edens

Shortly after his breakup, the NFL star was spotted with Mallory Edens, a model, and sports personality. Their togetherness sparked the rumor of his hide-and-seek romance.

The honorable lady is the daughter of famous business mastermind Wes Edens who is one of the proud owners of the Milwaukee Bucks. As the essence of love is in the air, time will reveal more of the equation that Aaron and Edens share with each other.

When Aaron Rogers lands on the field, his swift agility snatches away every opportunity to wear the crown of victory. However, the footballer must remain aware of not letting the ups and downs of his personal life destroy his professional uniqueness and move forward with a winning spirit. Let us know in the comment section what you think about Aaron’s new girlfriend and their hidden relationship.

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