Nate Diaz arrest warrant allegedly issued over New Orleans street choke out prompting KSI to come as replacement vs Jake Paul fight

After his upcoming fight with UFC icon Nate Diaz, who is currently facing legal charges for knocking out someone who resembled Logan, KSI has challenged Jake Paul to a fight in August, and Jake Paul has accepted.

Although Nate Diaz gained viral attention when he was involved in a street fight where he knocked out Logan Paul in New Orleans over the past weekend, the MMA legend is now facing significant repercussions for his actions.

Rodney Peterson, who was mistaken for Logan by many, was choked out by Diaz and a video of the incident was shared online. As a result, Diaz is now facing second-degree battery charges.

The altercation occurred after Diaz had attended a Misfits Boxing event to support his teammate Chris Avila in New Orleans. Karen A. Bourdie, a spokesperson for the New Orleans Police Department, confirmed to MMA Fighting that Diaz is not currently in custody.

In addition to the altercation where Diaz choked out Rodney Peterson, another video emerged online showing him throwing a water bottle at reality TV personality Chase DeMoor during the same event.

It’s worth mentioning that the maximum penalty for the offense in Louisiana is up to 8 years in prison, a fine of up to $2000, or both. The consequences Diaz will face, as a former TUF winner, are still uncertain.

Jake Paul
Bisping is not happy about Jake Paul

KSI tweets to Jake Paul regarding the fight

Upon learning that an arrest warrant had been issued by the New Orleans Police Department for Diaz due to the second-degree battery charges, KSI saw an opening to challenge his adversary Jake Paul to a fight.

“Well, if that means Jake won’t have an opponent in August. Then I’ll gladly come as the replacement after I KO Joe Fournier in May,” the rapper said on Twitter.

While nothing has been confirmed yet and it’s uncertain whether this legal matter will hinder a potential fight between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz, KSI is prepared to fill in the gap if needed.

“I accept you as the backup opponent. Fight is at 185. There are no rehydration clauses. Stay in shape and we will give you a call if needed. Thanks buddy for being so humble and committed.”

Regardless of whether Jake ends up fighting Diaz or KSI. His opponent will face a tough challenge trying to give the YouTuber his second loss after his unexpected split-decision defeat against Tommy Fury.

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