What’s next for Ryan Garcia after finishing off Oscar Duarte?

It was Ryan Garcia coming out of a shell fight where he made a comeback on December 2023 against Oscar Duarte. After registering his first loss in this year’s April, Garcia was ready to show why he is still worthy in the boxing ring.

After lots of distractions and controversies, KingRy was looking to make a big statement in the boxing ring. Coming from the nightmare loss from Gervonta Davis, Garcia once again showed the boxing fans that he is not someone who will keep his fans unhappy for a long time.

Ryan Garcia finishes Oscar Duarte

It was a mentally testing fight for Ryan Garcia as he was seen struggling to counter Oscar Duarte for 7 rounds. The start of the fight was as usual energetic where both looked highly active to dodge and punch each other’s opponent.  Lots of jabs were thrown in the fight to stop the counter punches from the side of Garcia.

But as the round progressed Duarte looked more accurate and focused than Garcia did. Ryan Garcia was in angry mode looking to knockout his opponent from the second round and ego winning over smartness led Ryan to miss many punches. Oscar looked more confident, and his speed even prompted the referee into asking him to watch his head shots against Garcia. Till 7 rounds Garcia looked more in defensive mode which didn’t impress the fans and the audience started to BOO him.

But the real outcome came when the 8th round started at the 20th second Ryan Garcia knocked out Oscar Duarte which woke up the hope of a disappointed audience.

What’s next for Ryan Garcia?

Ryan Garcia is for sure keeping the revenge fight in mind but after April 2023, many options were put in front of KingRy. He was involved in trash-talking with Gervonta Davis and even had a bet of the whole purse. In that fight, Ryan looked more dehydrated as Davis proposed to implement the rehydration policy for their bout.

Now his next opponent candidates list is in the queries of many boxing fans’ minds. Garcia may look to fight with a win of WBC super lightweight title winner which is a contest between Devin Haney and Regis Prograis that is just one week away on 9th December. Garcia may also look to face WBA current champion Rolando Romero which he already asked for after the defeat in April 2023.

Gervonta Davis
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Ryan Garcia even feuded with Oscar De la Hoya before the fight as well, though the promoter looked impressed with today’s performance of the boxer. Now the chances for Garcia to do a money fight are also there against any of the influencers turned boxers. But at the age of 25, he doesn’t look to leave his professional card.

There is also the chance that Ryan Garcia may not receive any title fight since he didn’t show a dominating performance in the past 2 fights. But the promising performance today must have assured that he may be receiving the big fight call any time soon, though title fights in boxing are strictly based on the performances in professional cards.

The camera caught how happy Oscar De la Hoya was with the win of Ryan Garcia which can be a hint that both promoter and client are now in good condition. De La Hoya, with this impressive performance, may look to book another fight for his client.

What’s your thoughts on Ryan Garcia’s future in the boxing ring? Share with us below.

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