Oscar De La Hoya responds to Ryan Garcia’s explosive press conference rant on him ”You won’t take my calls”

Ryan Garcia is ready to make his comeback this Saturday against Oscar Duarte. But his next fight might be overshadowed because of something that can have a big impact on his career. This will be his first fight after the loss against Gervonta Davis in April.

Davis brutally knocked out Ryan Garcia in April in the 7th round of 12-round fights. After his first loss in after 23 consecutive wins, Gracia has been in not so good terms with many boxing officials. Clearly there is no love lost between Oscar De LA Hoya and Ryan Garcia and both made no mystery of it.

Oscar De La Hoya responds to Ryan Garcia’s explosive rant

Former pro boxer Oscar De La Hoya thinks Ryan Garcia is not focused on his upcoming fight. According to De La Hoya, Garcia’s latest press conference is an indication that he must be getting distracted from his fight on Saturday.

La Hoya also complained that the latter is also not interested in picking up his calls. Questioning the mental stability of Garcia, De La Hoya showed his concern as well.

In a now-deleted tweet, Oscar De La Hoya wrote, “I have to say that I’m really concerned about Ryan Garcias state of mind. Considering his history of mental instability (which he’s documented himself) his current erratic behavior shows he’s clearly not focused on Saturdays fight. You won’t take my calls, Ryan I hope you’re OK.”

This is not the first time La Hoya and Gracia had such heated nonboxing battle. Earlier Oscar De La Hoya filed a lawsuit against the boxer for which a proper investigation took place. De La Hoya has often been in the news for his feuds with fighters. UFC president Dana White and Oscar also had some disagreement which turned into a heated fiasco. Both promoters have since shown no interest in working together.

What did Ryan Garcia say in the press conference?

In the pre-fight press conference, both the fighter and promoter showed a troubled relationship. The tension between them was evident as Garcia went on an all-out rant calling Oscar De La Hoya and Bernard Hopkins.

“There’s a couple things I want to touch [on.] One thing that’s been on my heart is the statement that Bernard made where he’ll decide if I’m gonna finish or if I’m should continue boxing after this fight,” Garcia said.

“He don’t decide that. My coach does, my team does, everybody that grinds with me day in, day out. Ultimately God decides, not him.”

He then went on to call out Oscar De La Hoya for undermining him, who stood tight lipped behind the 25-year-old as he ranted on.

“And another thing I want to touch on, Oscar, he says we misinterpret what they say, it’s plain English. I didn’t hear anybody speaking any language I don’t know.”

“It’s very clear to me that they’re backing this guy to beat me just like they thought [Romero] Duno was going to beat me, he was the next Filipino star.”

“He calls out all the bull****, the lies. Man, last time I checked he said he’d never lose to a white boy then Joe Smith Jr knocked him out of the ring. Last time I checked Joe Smith Jr is white. So they be lying.”

Ryan Gracia’s statements were evident with what has been troubling him for some time. Garcia showed disagreement with Benard Hopkins’ and Oscar De La Hoya’s comments on his boxing career.

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