Why did Oscar De La Hoya issue lawsuit against Ryan Garcia? investigating the battle outside boxing ring

The once strong bond between Oscar De La Hoya and Ryan Garcia has now deteriorated to the extent that they find themselves embroiled in a bitter legal conflict. It became evident that their relationship had hit a breaking point when news of their dispute emerged.

Back in April, ‘KingRy’ stepped into the boxing ring for what would become the most pivotal fight of his professional career. The event took place on Showtime pay-per-view, featuring an intergenerational clash between Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis.

Throughout the years, Davis, also known as ‘Tank,’ has received unwavering support and substantial promotion from the legendary Floyd Mayweather, further solidifying his status in the boxing world.

Why Oscar De La Hoya files lawsuit against Ryan Garcia?

In the meantime, Garcia has been represented and promoted by Oscar De La Hoya for a considerable period.

In their pay-per-view clash earlier this year, it was a completely one-sided affair as Davis emerged victorious with a seventh-round knockout. Since then, Garcia’s fortunes have taken a downward trajectory.

Following the fight, Ryan notably attended the post-fight press conference alone, as his team chose not to accompany him. Subsequently, he expressed his dissatisfaction with his team, including ‘Golden Boy,’ publicly airing his disappointment.

Earlier this month, Garcia disclosed his intentions to venture out on his own and assemble a new team.

Ryan Garcia training

According to the initial report by Mike Coppinger of ESPN Ringside, the star took action to actualize his plans. Garcia, along with his legal representatives, sent a letter to Oscar and Golden Boy Promotions, alleging breaches of their contract, thereby rendering it void.

In response, Golden Boy has filed a lawsuit against Ryan for his attempt to terminate the contract. The lawsuit specifies that De La Hoya desires for the star to fulfill his obligations under the existing agreement with the company.

What happened to Oscar De La Hoya and Ryan Garcia’s relationship after fight vs Gervonta Davis?


Garcia’s attorney, Bo Pearl of Paul Hastings, issued a statement to ESPN concerning the lawsuit. In his statement, Pearl claimed that the situation between his client and Golden Boy Promotions had escalated beyond control.

However, he emphasized that ‘KingRy’ should not be held responsible for the circumstances, as stated during the interview.

Pearl highlighted De La Hoya’s previous public conflicts with the lightweight boxer as evidence of the promoter’s contract violations. Following Ryan’s remarks about feeling abandoned by his team in April. The promoter openly criticized his fighter on Twitter, intensifying the public feud.

Additionally, the lawyer criticized Golden Boy Promotions for hastily resorting to legal action to address the situation. In a statement provided to ESPN, Garcia’s legal representative expressed his dissatisfaction, stating:

“Golden Boy is obligated to promote and enhance Ryan Garcia. Not malign him on Twitter and file a public. Baseless lawsuit against him. Rather than address these serious issues in mediation (as is required under the contract).

Golden Boy rushed to court to sue its fighter. To be sure, we will respond to this gamesmanship and fully enforce all of Ryan’s contractual rights against Golden Boy as well as his rights under state and federal law.”

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