Mike Tyson’s lawyer rejects $450K settlement demand for boxing legend’s JetBlue flight punch incident in 2022

It is all becoming controversial for Mike Tyson regarding his JetBlue flight 2022 case, as the video, which went viral on social media last year, hasn’t lost its momentum. There were many fans who reacted in favor of the boxing legend, and there were also many critics.

Since it involved issues of tolerance, Tyson was observed losing his patience, and that act was caught on camera. The 57-year-old boxing icon was traveling on a JetBlue flight when the incident took place. From San Francisco to Florida, the flight turned out to be someway unlucky fight and one of the fans caught the act on Camera.

Mike Tyson’s lawyer rejects six-figure settlement demand

Mike Tyson, who is always surrounded by fans and paparazzi, found himself in live boxing action during the flight. It was reported that the passenger sitting behind Tyson’s seat was in a drunk state and kept annoying the former heavyweight champion. Mike lost patience and threw a flurry of punches, while the side passenger managed to absorb some power by blocking those punches.

Now, the lawyer for the victim, Melvin Townsend, has sent a “Pre-litigation settlement” letter to Tyson’s lawyer for the suffering he received in the form of injuries and damages. This legal letter claims to seek a significant amount for the damage.

Mike Tyson apologies
Mike Tyson apologies Melvin Townsend

“As a former undisputed heavyweight champion, the potential to cause severe injuries to another person goes without question, He could not immediately get medical help because he did not have insurance, and also lost “several jobs due to the unfortunate notoriety he experienced,” Townsend wrote.

Later he demanded 6 figure settlement to which Tyson’s lawyer replied, “There will be no shakedown payment.” Though Mike Tyson did apologize last year but the victim was not just happy with the apology, according to the NYPOST.

Boxing fans respond to man demanding $450K from Mike Tyson

Many boxing Fans come in to support their idol and question what will be the reaction from a professional boxer like Mike Tyson when someone is going on the nerves. They even stated for the provocation Melvin Townsend is asking $450k from the former champion.

Fans shared videos where Townsend kept making videos of himself, and in that video, he was seen trying to talk with Mike, where he looked uninterested. Some fans even made memes reflecting that whoever Tyson beat in his career would be getting their $450k money.

Former boxing world champions have been in lots of controversies from personal to public. Tyson throughout his career got himself in trouble for his uncontrolled behavior. Mike even went to jail for his public behavior. He got in trouble many times for his misbehavior against many females, which raised questions about his character.

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