Why is Tyson Fury nicknamed the Gypsy King? Exploring the origin of WBC heavyweight champ’s moniker

Tyson Fury is a professional boxer who hails from England. Boxing seems to lie in his blood and the formidable fighter bagged WBC heavyweight championship and lineal heavyweight championship, showing a display of unyielding spirits.

The Englishman is known in the boxing arena as the Gypsy King. So, let’s unfold more about why and how he got that nickname.

Where did Tyson Fury get his nickname?

Tyson Fury comes from a tribe of gypsies. Throughout history, the people of this tribe accumulated honors for their amazing skills in the field of battle where courage is necessary. Besides, the tribe has produced many powerful fighters within them.

Every gypsy community must have a gypsy king. As Fury’s parents belong to two different communities, he was born under the supervision of two gypsy kings from both sides of his parents.

In their community, if two gypsies of two different communities married and they produced a son, there are rumors that the son will be famous in the boxing line if he cares to choose such a career path.

The Heavyweight champion did eventually enter the boxing era and showed the world his worth. Thus, he successfully upheld his tribe’s heritage and earned the title ‘The Gypsy King’ which is a tribute to his ancestor.

Is Tyson Fury British or Irish?

The WBC champion holds a bit of both British and Irish nationalism. He was born in England, so he is English. On the other hand, he belongs to an Irish family, in that sense, he should be called an Irish.

However, Fury himself opened up regarding the issue and mentioned, he loves to hold his Irish identity as his parents belong to that ethnicity.

Fury’s 3 sons have ‘Prince’ in their names, so it’s understandable that the heavyweight champ takes his moniker seriously. Also as a Gypsy, he claims to have suffered racial abuse. So rocking a commanding name could send a strong message to all the racists and bigots who try to discriminate between people based on factors beyond their control.

The WBC champion was in talks with the Oleksandr Usyk camp and the Andy Ruiz Jr. camp for a fight this year. Unfortunately, both fights seem to have fallen short due to negotiation failures.

With Anthony Joshua back on winning tracks, we may soon see another ‘Battle of the Brits’.

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