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“You get hyped and forget sometimes where you are” Shannon Sharpe hints Tony Romo came close to saying N-word live during AFC Championship Broadcast

During the live broadcast of the AFC Championship game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, CBS commentator Tony Romo appeared to be about to use the N-word before catching himself and shifting the subject.

NFL Twitter immediately asked as to what Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe had to say about it on his “Undisputed” show with Skip Bayless. Sharpe, 54, seems unconcerned about what Romo was about to say, dismissing it by noting that sometimes people forget they’re on television.

Romo, 42, praised Chiefs running back Isaiah Pacheco for dodging tackles against the NFL’s greatest tackling team. He then began talking about the three defenders Pacheco to avoid and shift the subject just before a racist slur was ready to cross his lips.

“The extra yards. The tough yards. The finish on the play,” Romo said. “Right there you got three ni… Talked about this. The best-tackling team. They don’t miss tackles. And that could be the difference.”

“It’s television,” Sharpe tweeted on Romo’s defense. “You get hyped and forget sometimes where you are.”

Sharpe’s lack of reaction left others wondering if he was okay with Romo using the N-word in his everyday life since it would be the only reason why he would utter it on television. “What do you want me to do about how someone talks when people aren’t around? What’s my role,” Sharpe responded.
This seems to be the case of a slip of tongue for Romo, who probably didn’t mean to hurt anyone by uttering racial slang on air. Sharpe simply tried to put an end to the viral discussion by pointing out that it’s nothing to be made a fuss of.
Do you think Sharpe is right t take Romo’s side or do you oppose it? Share your thought with us on this issue in the comment section.


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