“Your entire boxing career is based around me”: Jake Paul slams KSI after he threatens to ruin his “legacy”

For a while now, KSI has been hinting that he and Jake Paul will eventually fight. They frequently trade scathing tweets, which only serves fuel to their long-standing animosity, even though each of them have other fights scheduled at the moment.

One of the pioneers of modern celebrity boxing, KSI, has already declared the date of his upcoming fight. KSI’s next match will be against Joe Fournier. On May 13 at the OVO Arena Wembley in London, KSI and Joe will square off. On DAZN and DAZN PPV, the event will be streamed live. 

What did KSI and Jake Paul say to each other in their most recent Twitter brawl?

Joe seems unable to get Jake Paul out of KSI’s head. As in a recent tweet, the younger Paul brother was threatened by the British boxer. As KSI said, in response to a tweet from Salt Papi,”I’d much rather fight and beat Tommy Fury so I can ruin Jake Paul’s legacy.”

At the Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia on February 26, TNT faced off against Jake and won. 

The Problem Child lost his first boxing bout against Tommy and KSI has seized the opportunity to keep humiliating his American rival. As KSI again made fun of Paul, the British internet sensation got a tough reply from Jake this time. 

“Your entire boxing career is based around me. That makes me warm inside. So sweet. As your boxing hero, my one piece of advice to you is stop attacking people who fight on or work for your own promotion. It’s a bad look. You are supposedly the CEO. Sincerely, Your Idol. ” Jake replied.

Misfits Boxing’s founder and Jake Paul’s brother Logan’s business partner has frequently voiced a desire to face Jake Paul in a boxing match, potentially bringing closure to their long-standing rivalry. According to their tweet activity, the two YouTube stars may soon decide on a date for their boxing match.

Despite all of the online ridicule and banter, do you think the two online influencers will actually fight anytime soon? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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