AC Milan Star Theo Hernandez and girlfriend Zoe Cristofoli caught on camera sharing intimate moments on vacation

With the season coming to an end, social media is spammed with pictures of players on their vacations. Theo Hernandez, the French international was involved in both the European Qualifiers with his nation where they played against Gibraltar and Greece, winning both with a score of 3-0 and 1-0 respectively. He also reached the semi-final stage in the Champions League with his club AC Milan and finished 4th in the Serie A.

The former Real Madrid player is dating a tattoo artist and social media influencer Zoe Cristofoli. The couple was the talking point on social media due to the circulating pictures of them sharing intimate moments during their vacation.

Who is Theo Hernandez’s girlfriend?

Zoe Cristofoli was seen in Qatar supporting her boyfriend during the World Cup. Despite France losing in the World Cup final to Argentina, Hernandez had an admirable campaign by scoring in the semi-finals against Morocco. Several reports suggest the couple started dating in the year 2020 and had their baby boy, Theo Junior in April 2021.

Meet Theo Hernandez's stunning girlfriend fully covered in tattoos - including huge neck ink - Football |
Zoe is quite famous among the Instagram community with over a million followers on her account. She is well-known for her intricate tattoos across her body. Some of her entrepreneurial adventures include a tattoo shop in Italy named Ink Studio Lagrange and a clothing brand she owns called OE.

Is Theo Hernandez staying at AC Milan?

The former Los Blancos player moved to the city of Milan in the year 2019 by joining AC Milan. Since then, he has played a total of 128 matches while scoring 24 times and providing 28 assists.

With his contract expiring soon, the rumours of the French left-back leaving the city of Milan were put to a shut after his agent Manuel Garcia Quilón told “Each player has a team in which he finds his habitat, his own identity. Theo, since when he arrived at Milan, he felt identified and loved by both Maldini and Massara and by the whole environment, all the fans.”

Several reports suggest that there is a strong possibility of the French international extending his contract until 2026, with an option to extend it for one more year. Despite interest from the French giants PSG and the newly crowned treble winners Manchester City, it seems like Theo Hernandez has made up his mind to continue as an AC Milan player.

The recent picture of the French star and his girlfriend has sparked intrigue among the fans. This reminds us that in the present generation, privacy is often a cherished aspect for famous personalities and celebrities. With the summer break going on in the footballing world and the players having a well-deserved break after a long and tiring season, football enthusiasts cannot wait for the next season to kick-start.


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