After reuniting with former Barcelona teammates, Jordi Alba claims to propel Lionel Messi to new heights at Inter Miami

A defender with pace in attack like Jordi Alba will definitely improve Lionel Messi’s attack on the left, while Dani Alves does the same on the right. He is an incredibly dynamic player who has assisted Lionel Messi time and time again. 

However, much more than a great companion on the football pitch, Jordi Alba is also a great friend of Leo’s. On his departure from Barcelona, Messi made it extremely clear that Jordi Alba was a great friend – “You were more than mate.” The two former Barcelona veterans have rejoined each other in the MLS team Inter Miami, and it looks like Jordi is ready to give everything for his friend once again.

Jordi Alba claims to assist Lionel Messi to win everything at Inter Miami

Not holding back in Jordi Alba’s emotional farewell at Barcelona, Lionel Messi added, “You were more than a team-mate, a true accomplice on the pitch… And how nice it is to enjoy how well we get along personally,” Messi wrote in an Instagram post.

Lionel Messi

“You know that I always wish you the best and your family, I hope your new stage continues to bring you much success and joy. Thanks for everything, Jordi. A big hug!”

Messi had 672 goals for Barcelona, and Jordi Alba assisted 23. Only five other players have more assists than Lionel Messi, Jordi Alba is definitely Messi’s best-fitting partner in crime to Messi’s attacking brilliance. Not only have they played together for several years already in a thriving partnership, but their brilliance has always been an exciting prospect. 

Jordi Alba rejected other big offers to play with Lionel Messi again. Luis Suarez said the same when he recently tried to force a move to Inter Miami. This is a testament to Leo’s excellence and a great relationship with teammates. The 34-year-old full-back adds that he expects Messi to ‘fight’ and ‘try to win everything’ and will assist him. 

“Leo is a demanding person,” Alba said. ‘He has won a World Cup but will continue [playing] the same. He will fight for this challenge, try to win everything, and that’s why we’re here to help him. 

Lionel Messi

“He feels supported, loved, and that’s the most important thing. He didn’t have a good time at PSG but recovered his joy. I repeat it’s a challenge that excites him greatly, and I see him very happy.”

How much is Jordi Alba’s salary in Inter Miami? 

It feels like Inter Miami is staging a reunion for the old Barca boys. The MLS side has made great efforts to re-ignite the partnerships that once thrived in Catalonia, hoping to replicate the success achieved. 

Lionel Messi

However, there have been sacrifices by the ‘Old Barca Boys’ themselves. It was reported that Jordi Alba took a drastic pay cut to join Inter Miami, and so did Sergio Busquets. Luis Suarez would take a pay cut in order to join Lionel Messi at Inter Miami. 

Dailymail reports that Jordi Alba earned a $24 million salary at Barcelona, but he is also willing to take a drastic pay cut to play together with Leo again.

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