Amazon’s Jeff Bezos moves closer to owning Commanders after hiring Allen & Company to assist him buying NFL franchise

The Washington Commanders are up for sale, and it has been quite a while since Daniel Snyder is looking forward to moving on from his NFL franchise. Buying an NFL team is no joke- teams are usually worth billions, and even for maintaining a football team, owners must have the “Big bucks” in their pockets, or else they might get broke just after a season.

Thus, selling the Commanders will be hard for Daniel. However, there is some good news for the Commanders’ owner! There is a popular billionaire who desires to buy the Washington team. The man is so rich and iconic that the entire globe knows him!

He is none other than Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and with his plan to buy the NFL team, he is taking help from an investment firm.

Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos appeared in an NFL game.

Who is helping Jeff Bezos buy the Washington Commanders?

The investment firm is quite popular and has previously helped other owners buy and sell teams. Allen & Company is the firm’s name, and in previous years, they were primarily involved when David Tepper paid $2.275 billion for the Panthers. On the other hand, when the Walton-Penner Family Ownership Group bought the Broncos team for a massive $4.65 billion. 

Now that a contender like Bezos has joined the race to buy the Washington team, they might just do the trick for the Amazon owner in buying the prestigious Commanders franchise. However, nothing is certain at the moment, and even Snyder might change his mind, as we have seen in previous years with other owners and their teams. 

Nonetheless, if Bazos becomes the Washington team’s owner, the team, along with their new owner, might make drastic changes to improve the playing standers of the Commanders. 

The question is, will Jeff Bezos be able to buy the Washington Commanders? Time will tell. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on Jeff Bezon and the Commanders. 


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