Andy Ruiz Jr, Deontay Wilder engages in fiery verbal exchange, fueling speculation of potential fight: “Put that pen to that paper”

Negotiations have been ‘reportedly’ ongoing for a potential autumn bout between Andy Ruiz Jr and Deontay Wilder, although a final agreement still seems to be some distance away. However, both fighters have expressed their continued interest in the matchup.

There has been a notable exchange of words between the two former world champions on social media. Deontay, hailing from Alabama, has accused Ruiz of displaying fear and challenged him to communicate directly when he is truly prepared to arrange the fight.

Recently, Wilder unleashed a verbal tirade against ‘The Destroyer,’ criticizing him for his weight and questioning his ability to compete at a high level.

Andy Ruiz Jr, Deontay Wilder engage in a heated verbal argument

In a recent development, an evidently fatigued Ruiz Jr (35-2, 22 KOs) recorded a message to Deontay while working out on a treadmill. He appealed to Wilder to “be reasonable” and agree to the purse split he desires for their potential fight.

On the other hand, former WBC heavyweight champion Wilder (43-2-1, 42 KOs) insists that Ruiz should accept his offer, and if not, refrain from sending any further videos.

Ruiz currently finds himself in a challenging position as he has exhausted a lot of his options for fights. It remains uncertain whether Showtime or Fox would be interested in Andy facing lower-level opponents on pay-per-view considering how his previous two bouts against Chris Arreola and Luis Ortiz received mixed reactions from fans.

If Ruiz declines Wilder’s offer, Showtime will likely seek a high-quality opponent, as it is probably not viable for him to face another fighter in their 40s on pay-per-view.

Deontay Wilder refuses to compromise prize money for the Andy Ruiz Jr bout

“Hey Andy, we don’t got to keep doing all this back & forth. You know that, right? I think you are stalling a little bit or something,” said Deontay Wilder on social media to Ruiz Jr.

“Put that pen to that paper, sign that contract. That’s all you got to do, nothing else. Ain’t no need to go back & forth, doing all this talking on this social media. I’m about business, and I want action to happen,” Deontay.

The question remains: will Ruiz accept the deal that Wilder has put on the table, which reportedly includes a 30% purse split? While this may appear far from what Andy desires if he emerges victorious. There is a potential opportunity for him to face Anthony in December in Saudi Arabia.

Wilder’s offer presents Ruiz with a golden ticket that could lead him to the fight he probably has been longing for since his defeat to AJ in December 2019. Given Ruiz’s current situation without a belt and having only fought twice since 2020, he is not really in a position to dictate terms to Deontay.

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