Antonio Brown takes $1,095,000 hit after failing to answer phone call

Antonio Brown, the former NFL wide receiver, has recently gotten himself into a big problem by just not answering a call. The former WR had gotten himself into legal troubles like these before and remained unfazed about it.

But this time things took a serious turn for the controversial athlete as he was slammed with a huge penalty by the court. 

Antonio Brown slapped with over $1 million penalty

Antonio Brown has been ordered to pay a check of over $1 million to a high-profile celebrity jeweler. Reportedly, Shuki International, a famous jeweler for celebrities, claimed that Brown borrowed jewelry from him in 2022 and never returned it.

He filed a lawsuit in which he claimed that he gave Antonio Brown a pair of his diamond fingers, which cost $500k a piece. Along with these, he also gave AB a rose gold, black diamond version of the finger piece, a white gold chain, and a ring to borrow. 

Antonio Brown
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Shuki shared that he tried to contact Brown over the weekend regarding the lawsuit but he didn’t answer his calls. Therefore, now the former WR has been ordered to pay the jeweler $1,095,000. 

Meanwhile, AB remains unbothered by all this happening, as he didn’t address the matter and was even spotted in LA with one of Shuki’s diamond fingers just a month ago.

For now, it is unclear how this case will be resolved. However, Antonio Brown has gotten himself into a big problem by not returning the jewelry and answering the calls of the jeweler. 

Antonio Brown failing to appear for legal battles is nothing new

Antonio Brown not appearing for his legal cases is nothing new. It seems like it is his coping strategy, a way to get rid of his legal troubles which in return get him in more trouble. 

AB also faced legal charges back in 2020 but he never appeared for the hearings of his lawsuit and ended up getting fined $1.2 million. 

Per that report, “the jury found Brown liable for $407,000 for Tumanov’s past and future medical expenses, as well as $793,000 for past and future pain and suffering.”

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In 2020, Brown assaulted Tumanov during a dispute involving the moving company Tumanov worked for. Brown faced criminal charges and pleaded no contest. He was sentenced to two years of probation for a felony burglary charge, one year for a battery charge, and six months for a criminal mischief charge.

Brown’s probation was shortened to one year in June 2021, but Tumanov continued with his lawsuit against him. Tumanov claimed Brown caused damage to his moving truck and inflicted severe bodily injuries during their payment dispute.

Antonio Brown last played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the 2022 NFL season. His career ended amidst controversy when he left a game mid-play, removed his gear, and exited the field, allegedly due to a disagreement with coaches.

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