“Bad professor motherf*cker”: Francis Ngannou explains decision to taunt Tyson Fury in the ring with silky dance maneuver after brutal knockdown

Francis Ngannou was written off by most boxing purists as well as the fighting community before his iconic matchup against Tyson Fury. Throughout the fight build up as well, he was treated like he was some average Joe. Tyson Fury kept saying how he would just play around with him in the ring.

All of that was anything but true. Francis was extremely competitive against Tyson and took the fight to the wire. He ended up losing on a split decision but came out of the fight being the people’s champ. Even Tyson acknowledged his power in the aftermath of the fight, and it seems Ngannou had some words to offer during their in-ring exchanges.

Francis Ngannou talks about mocking Tyson Fury in the ring

Francis pulled off one of the best boxing performances, in the history of the sport against a boxing titan like Tyson Fury. He went toe to toe with the Lineal Heavy weight champion of the world, while having no professional boxing experience.

He was written off by everyone. Throughout the fight build up, Tyson kept talking trash to him saying how he would school him. Francis did not let any of this get to his head though. Even on the day of the fight Tyson kept yapping away at him.

Tyson Fury got into the ring, and before the fight started said that he was going to school Ngannou. Tyson kept saying that he was the professor and Francis’ time is over.

But in round three of the fight, Tyson was floored with a clean left hook by Francis. He went to Tyson and danced near him and kept saying who the Professor is now, he even went and said, ‘I guess the professor was just bad’.

In the end Francis ended up losing only a split decision loss, but in the eyes of all the viewers and even professional boxers like Canelo Alvarez, Francis was the winner. Thus, Francis Ngannou walked out of the ring knowing he was the champ.

Tyson Fury talks on Francis Ngannou’s knockdown power

One fact that everyone knows about Francis Ngannou is that he punches really hard. As a matter of fact, Francis hold the world record for the human with the strongest punches per Sportskeeda.

Tyson did feel the power packed under his punches as well. Post the fight he tried to brush it off, but it was pretty evident that Francis hurt him. Francis came out looking clean after the fight and Tyson on the other hand was bruised.

Tyson had this to say about Francis’ punches post the fight, “He punches hard, but it was a bit like a hook on the back of the head, the knockdown. Apart from that he didn’t really get me with much else.”

It may seem like Tyson Fury took his punches lightly, but the boxing titan will surely take some time off to recover from the fight. With Francis Ngannou’s boxing prowess in context, a split decision loss seems hard on the fighter, especially when he had managed to floor someone like Tyson Fury.

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