Barcelona scandal: Catalan police uncover payments from ex-president Josep Maria Bartomeu to journalists

The saga of the Barcagate controversy continues after Catalan police further investigated the delicate matter and found proof against Barcelona’s former President Josep Maria Bartomeu.

After detailed shreds of evidence were cross-checked, the investigation team found a trace of illegal activity from Bartomeu’s bank account.

According to reports, strong vindication suggests that the former president made two payments to several Spanish journalists over the Barcagate Scandal back in 2020.

The former president reportedly summoned a journalist a few days ago who defended him back in 2020 in exchange for money and ordered him to attack Barcelona’s active president Joan Laporta.

The Barcagate scandal refers to an investigation launched by the Spanish police into allegations that former executives of FC Barcelona hired a company to improve the image of the club’s then-president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, and to slam the players and other figures who were critical to his hierarchy.

Several individuals, including former FC Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu, had been arrested and were being investigated for their alleged involvement in the scandal.

Josep Maria Bartomeu was the president of FC Barcelona from 2014 to 2020 and during his tenure, the club won numerous titles, including four La Liga titles and the 2015 Champions League.

His presidency was marked by controversy via the Barcagate scandal, which led to his resignation in October 2020 along with the rest of the board of directors.

Bartomeu was implicated in the Barcagate scandal which made Lionel Messi almost desire to leave the club in 2020 after the president disrespected the club legends.

The scandal also included allegations of corruption and misuse of funds, including the club’s hiring of a social media company to create and disseminate negative content about specific individuals associated with the club.

Former Barcelona defender Gerard Pique previously mentioned the event as the ugliest part of the club’s history and the treatment they received was horrendous.

“It’s atrocious that the club spent money on criticizing us. The way the club has done things has been really bad. The ugliest thing in Barca history”- Pique said.


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