Bucs eyeing 49ers’ vet QB Jimmy Garoppolo as potential replacement for Tom Brady

Tom Brady is the NFL GOAT. Since his debut in the league, the quarterback has impressed everyone with his dedication and incredible football skills. After winning six Super Bowls playing for the New England Patriots, Brady made his way to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers team, where he played for three seasons and won a Super Bowl for the franchise. 

However, with Brady announcing his retirement in early February this year, the Bucs team faces severe issues. On the one hand, they need a stable quarterback who can contribute to the team with the same intensity Tb12 provided. On the other hand, with Tom retiring early, the Tampa Bay team is now facing heavy debt

Tom Brady
Tom Brady is in Buccaneers’ outfit.

The Bucs team filling up Brady’s space has many quarterbacks in mind, including Derek Carr, Baker Mayfield, and Aaron Rodgers. However, these players might not suit the Tampa Bay team with their gameplay. So, now, the team is looking at different alternatives and has one particular player in mind who might be the perfect fit. 

Which player will likely replace Tom Brady?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are searching for a veteran player to replace Tom Brady, and no one can suit the role better than Jimmy Garoppolo. Jimmy will become a free agent, and the 49ers coach confirmed that he would not be back in the San Francisco team, making him the ideal candidate for the role. 

Tom Brady.
SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA – OCTOBER 03: Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo #10 of the San Francisco 49ers celebrates after teammate running back Jeff Wilson Jr. #22 rushed for a touchdown against the Los Angeles Rams during the first quarter at Levi’s Stadium on October 03, 2022, in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

However, with the heavy debt Tom has left the Bucs team with the reporter, Mike Garafolo does not think they will be able to get Garoppolo on board. While speaking about the Buccaneers and Jimmy featuring in the team, Garofolo said,

“They knew they were going to have to pay these debts at some point. They will be in the veteran quarterback market. Jimmy Garoppolo is one of the players that they like, but they just may not have the finances to get it done.”

The Buccaneers, not having a quarterback, are now in deep trouble. They might just escape if Garoppolo agrees to play in the team with a low payment. So the only question remains,

Will Jimmy Garoppolo come on board in the Bucs camp? Or will the Bucs have to settle with what they have? What do you think? You can share your thoughts in the comments. 


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